Snake-oil Salesman wins lottery!

The words were spoken…………. and the sonorous tones once more were heard………………… and the regulation pauses in the speech were made to enhance the delivery….. …………………..but although the auto-cue worked perfectly, and everyone got a mention, and even the Court Jester looked suitably star-struck……………………………….the Speech somehow failed to take off.

Obama’s first, and possibly only attempt at humour, mentioning the Pope, Mandela and Her Majesty as his predecessors got the regulation laugh, and applause; but the rest of his performance, if he could have been transported to the Late-night Comedy circuit, would have ensured that he got paid for his evening’s work, but doubt if the management would have invited him back for a repeat performance.

Wnen Obama’s speechwriter was hired, he talked of how he simply shaped the thoughts and theories of the President into speech, and how to bring his thoughts into words and actions. It is a great pity that Obama’s mentors weren’t mentioned in any of his speeches. Mentors such as the rabble-rousing Reverend Jeremiah White, he of the ‘ blacks should not sing “God Bless America” but “God damn America.” ‘ and other White American-friendly observations. It should be noted that although President Obama stated the Reverend White was ‘like an old uncle who says things I don’t always agree with’, it is a fact that the Reverend married Michelle and Barack, baptised their two children, and is even credited with the title of Obama’s book, ‘The Audacity of Hope’. Mentors such as  Gregory Galluzzo – a former Jesuit priest, now married and Executive Director of the Gamaliel community organizing network, who was quoted “‘We are really cowards for not wanting power,’ because ‘power is good’ and ‘powerlessness is evil.’ Not included within the Westminster speech were any observations on how he came to be attending any church in the first place.

Yes, the obligatory references were made to our common heritage, but as English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish we already know how important Runnymede was, but perhaps more might have been made of the only truly loud noise ever welcomed by British people.

But Obama’s greatest mistake within his speech was contained within the passage which discussed, or at least made reference to, Islamic terrorism. He claimed that the West was at war with al-Quaeda, but stated that the West will never be at war with Islam. Whether this belief, this statement comes from his upbringing, or his political conversion, or is simply a piece of rhetoric to cover his mistakes, he cannot be seriously expecting men and women of intelligence and gravitas not to accept that the core of Islam, the very ideal of Muslim thought, is the installation of a world-wide Caliphate, with everyone subservient to Islamic ideals, or dead!

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