Two faces, one smile, one smirk

As a corporate member of the Grandfather club, I can state that the items I treasure the highest are the sights of the smiles on the faces of my two grandsons. Some of Grandson#1’s smiles come by digital photos, some from real life with Grandson#2, in my home or in his, but by either package, they show an innocent delight in life, they are the very definition of love both given and received. The wearers of those smiles are the very definition of Family, of what life is all about; and they are and should be defended against harm, against evil and against neglect.

Consider the smile, and the short, tortured life of tiny Baby Peter Connelly. Consider the abbreviated list of his injuries, which included:

Eight broken ribs
Snapped spine
Missing fingertips
Missing finger nails and toe nails
Bite marks
Ulcerated infected wounds to his scalp (probably from infected bites)
Bruises all over his body
Injuries to the inside of his mouth
His left earlobe had been torn,

and then consider that his life span was over after seventeen months. It is small wonder that so few photos of little Peter exist, and only one which shows that small defenceless child smiling!


And then consider, if you will, the smirk on the face of Sharon Shoesmith. Whilst not guilty of the torture and murder of that tiny child, she is deeply complicit in his death, because the post she held was specifically created to help counter and remove any possibility of a repeat of the circumstances leading to the death of Victoria Climbiè. In one of the very, very few actions of the Labour Government and its Cabinet Officers of which I approved; Ed Balls, Schools Secretary fired Sharon Shoesmith after the publication of a report into Haringey Social Services actions regarding Peter Connelly’s death. And after a High Court battle which she lost, an Appeal Court action has stated that she was unlawfully dismissed. So if the Government and Haringey lose an appeal to the Supreme Court, she walks free, still smirking.







It is a great pity that little Peter never got the chance to smile properly, but there again, he probably wouldn’t know about clever people like Q.C.s, and lawyers, and Judges who frequently smile all the way to the bank!