Safety checks, what safety checks?

Good Practice guide when preparing or planning to Weld Oil Tanks:-


A repair like this should be done with the tanks, drained and purged with inert gas, purge plan, monitoring, inert gas pressure test/or hydrostatic test for leaks.
Be aware that this form of repair, may require post repair inspection and testing per ASME, API, etc.—if one plays it by the book.

So if you don’t follow the Rule Book, this is what you are likely to see whilst hanging off the remains of the scaffolding:-


That is, of course, if you were using scaffolding!

Loved the ‘in’ comment from blogger All Seeing Eye about the C3 Committee:

The C3 Committee is about to meet (you’d have to be really local to get that – UK readers think COBRA but with plastic chairs).

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