Comment upon a comment!

“What I find amazing is that they were fighting, and I mean both sides, were fighting to prevent exactly what our country has become!!! I don’t think they ever envisioned a country where class differences would deepen, where greed and superficiality would be more important than character and honesty. I will never forget these men, and I am saddened that what they fought for has been largely abandoned and forgotten by the people of this country.”

The above words were written as a commentary upon a Youtube video of the theme tune to ‘Gods & Generals’, the Ted Turner film of the first years of the American Civil War. But here is the strange thing, they could have been written about this country, the four nations of the Union; and the attitudes and thoughts of the people that I have come to see as the reason for the decline of Great Britain from a global power to a nation with pretensions, of a nation consistently trying to punch above its fighting weight, but without the backbone, the grit and the determination to somehow pull ourselves out of the morass of superficiality which seems to rule all around us. We voted this scum to rule over us, we have watched as they have routinely lied and broken every promise made, and we just do not seem to care!

We are fighting two wars, we have placed our fighting forces in harms way in Libyan skies and the blood and dirt of Afghanistan, and what are we reading about in our newspapers?

How a jockey has been banned from riding a horse.

We are treated to a review of where the cast of some strange tv show which is known apparently by the initials TOWIE will be spending their holidays.

A judge claims he is forced to free a drug dealer arrested with £5,000’s of cannabis because of ‘the guidelines’

An in-depth look at some ‘talent show’ where the only winner is the promoter, who locks all the acts into unbreakable contracts.

We read how one Prime Minister who is busy giving billions of pounds we do not possess away to foreign scum is being backed by an ex-Prime Minister.

The news is broken that a balding footballer is getting a hair transplant.

And so on, ad infinitum!

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