Injunctions R’ Us stands down

The alleged ‘Family Man’ footballer who gained a super-injunction against damaging stories about an affair with a Big Brother slapper has some fresh explanations to tell his long-suffering (or alternatively deaf, dumb, stupid and blind) spouse.

Seems he has been battering away at his BROTHER’S wife for 8 years, without too much remorse, or worry, or even threats of litigation.

Rumours of a quick visit to Schillings, the media lawyers with an eye for’ super-injunctions’ while you wait have been denied by Schillings themselves, who are rumoured to have kicked the lying clown out of the back door, while stating, “Yep, we usually can do something to protect a client’s reputation; but in your case you just don’t have one any more. Bye”

The Judge who usually slotted the injunctions in before lunch was heard to remark, “Cor,r,r,r,r,r,r,”

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