The shape of things yet to pass

I am about to produce a ‘world’s first’ in Critical Reviews of television documentaries, in that I am writing a review of a show which has not been shown on television as yet!

The show is titled ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ and is concerned with the final few months of the war between the high-principled secessionist Tamil Tigers, and the base and nasty Sri Lankan Government’s armed forces. As the show is due for broadcast on Tuesday 14th June, I will now forecast the nature, tone and conclusions of the ‘Impartial documentary’!

  • The film will demonstrate that the Tigers were routinely attacked by Government forces in overwhelming numbers, and because they were poorly equipped, did not stand a chance.
  • Tamil Civilians,  ‘corralled and subjugated’ by the Tamil forces, were routinely targeted by heavy Government Army artillery shelling, with no regard for the fact that they were ‘non-combatants’, or that they had played no part in the insurrection.
  • Sri Lankan naval craft routinely fired upon and sank harmless fishing craft belonging to Tamil fishermen, on the mere ‘suspicion’ that the fishing vessels were used to smuggle weaponry into the fighting area, and that no warnings were given before the naval vessels opened fire upon the ‘defenceless’ fishermen and their vessels.
  • Reports which surfaced in the leaked UN document on the final months of the war of ‘tens of thousands’ of defenceless Tamil civilians being killed will be endorsed, and ascertained to be truthful and without bias.
  • The documentary will give ‘absolute clarity’ to statements that the Sri Lankan Government would not ‘talk or confer’ with the leaders of the Tamil movement, preferring to move towards military actions which verge on genocide.
  • The documentary will conclude that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam only wanted a land of their own, and they were not responsible for the deadly attacks by bombs and thousands of other terrorist atrocities as alleged by the Sri Llankan government, as it was well know that all the attacks were in fact carried out by ‘Liberation Dissidents’. All the Tamil Tigers were doing was to legitimately protest, and the Government responded in a deadly and ferocious manner.
  • The fact that all violence has now ceased, and all the remaining Tamils are going back to theri ancestral fields and farms is beside the point, as the Sri Lankan Government had never engaged the Tamil movement in constructive dialogue, never attempted to reach a consensus; but only wanted to achieve a military victory by crushing the rebellious Tamils, and killing all their democratically-elected leaders!