Work experience?

Cameron             Conservative Party economics team, Dogsbody for Carlton Television, politician

Clegg                     Journalist (of sorts), Brussels bureaucrat, EU Parliament politician, politician

Norman Lamb   Employment lawyer, politician

Frances Maude Lawyer, banker, politician

Oliver Letwin     Banker, politician

Vince Cable        Economics adviser, politician

Eric Pickles          Councillor, politician

Liam Fox              Medical doctor, politician


I could go on, but you must get the general drift of my writing, in that the vast majority of the people who decide how we live, what we get in terms of ‘Democratic Accountability’ are from just the one, grey, amorphous, amoebic master cast.

There isn’t one of them who has known what an honest day’s work feels like. They just do not understand what it is like to have worked all day and most of a night, to complete a tender document; and then to watch as the envelopes are opened to find your company has been pipped at the post by a calculation involving less than one tenth of one percent of the total. They also do not know what it is like to drive four hundred miles to a site upon receipt of a phone call, to find that the caller had misread a drawing, and that two connections had been placed in the wrong slots. I doubt very much if any of his grey group has ever penetrated past the shiny front offices of the offices and factories they ‘visit’ to find out how things are made, or assembled, or polished, or even packed!

That Dave Cameron feels he is ‘right’ and has a ‘strong moral case’ to give £814 million which we do not have, to help fight disease in Africa, but has he, or any of his cohorts, actually had to do something productive to help earn any part of the cash he and his mates are giving away? Does he feel ‘empowered’ by his infatuation with the Euroslime in Brussels, and by his betrayal of everything he says he stands for?

I wish someone both astute and rich would found a new Party, he might call it the British Work Party; and the only requirement for standing for Parliament under its banner would be the simple fact that the candidate had known honest toil, had done a job of work, whether manual or deskbound; had known what it is like to actually earn and make a living. I reckon that person, the founder of the B.W.P. would achieve a great deal of support from many areas and people, from those who are fed up of being lied to on a daily basis, of being fed ‘froth’ instead of honest beer; of being taken for granted on an industrial scale.

One thought on “Work experience?

  1. Agree. Politics seems to be the only game in town where you need zero experience to run areas as important as Health, Education and Defence.

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