Keep the children quiet!


I, along with many other commentators of the slightly-Right persuasion, have often smiled as the CINO, wannabe’ liberal, goody-two-shoes of this political world of ours have delicately approached the thorny subject of ‘free speech’, and more specifically ‘free speech’ within the one place where it is guaranteed by Statute, namely the Houses of the Commons and the Lords within the Palace of Westminster.

Outside those two places, the freedom to speak your mind had been drastically curtailed, and it is mainly because of legislation enacted within those two Houses that we find ourselves wrapped about with draconian rules about who can say what about whom. It is only a couple of weeks ago that if I was to state that some low-life with absolutely no morals at all, who goes by the name of Ryan Giggs was screwing some woman with big tits, I might well have been hauled up for ‘contempt of court’, because Clarke’s mates in the judiciary had been approached by Schiilings the media (or rather mediocre) lawyers, and the lawyers had implored the judge to impose an injunction against a newspaper’s publication of the juicy details. The judge had also imposed reporting restrictions which forbade the very mention of the fact of the injunction.

The one thing which the lawyers and the judges were not told by this excuse for a man, who of course only wanted to protect his ‘family life’ is that he was also screwing his brother’s wife, and had been doing so for over eight years. When the newspapers got their teeth into this little episode, the first thing done was to ask if the scrote was going to serve five years, or seven for perjury. Now that would be a trial worth watching!

Ken Clarke, the so-called Justice Secretary, has been mooning, or musing, about the one thing which irks him beyond belief, which is that members of the same Houses are able to speak openly about matters which his favourite judges have deemed are unsuitable for the public to learn about, and in particular the ability of some members of both Houses to flagrantly defy those same judges, who of course believe that they are the Law. He was giving evidence regarding the Defamation Bill which is trundling its way through Committee, and of course is all for ‘Parliamentary Privilege’, but seemingly only when it is the ‘right sort of privilege’. He would just love to attempt to remove or constrain the very right of Members to speak on any subject, as of course would the Poison Dwarf, otherwise known as the Speaker John Bercow, but neither has got the guts to state it openly, because they knows that the wrath of both Houses would drop on their heads like a statutory Ton of bricks!

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