A legal case worth the name.

Several times, over the few years I have had the privilege of posting on both my blogsite and on ATW, I have written of the appalling debt owed to the 100,000  British Home Children of Canada; of the forced migration, supported by both Anglican and Catholic churches, of over 150,000 young children to Australia, New Zealand and the old Rhodesia in the years before the Great War, in the Twenties and Thirties, and in present days up until the 1970′s. A few were given a home, loving support and the chance of that promised ‘new life’; but the vast majority were treated as a virtual labour commodity, many of whom were abused both physically and sexually by perverts such as the Christian Brothers, and their slave farm at Bindoon!

So I can happily confirm that some Sixty-nine former residents are supporting the legal action in the Supreme Court seeking compensation for physical and sexual abuse they allegedly suffered at Fairbridge Farm School at Molong in New South Wales between 1938 and 1974. At long last the people who were treated so despicably, who were routinely lied to, were told their parents were dead, were told that their brothers and sisters had disappeared, those truly abused people are taking legal action against the Australian government. But I am hoping against hope that there will be a few more defendants in the dock when the Court Case eventually grinds into action. I would be looking for a mention of the British government, of the high priests, bishops and Cardinals of the Anglican and Catholic churches in England and Northern Ireland, as well as in the Republic.

I also hope against hope that there will be no ‘settlement’, no ‘compensation payments’ shrouded in secrecy and gag orders. Let the truth come out in Court, and let those who arranged this shameful exercise be handed their share of the blame for the way and manner in which these people were treated for so long!

As an afterthought, I would like to pay tribute to my own Mother and Father, for being lucky enough to be in a family where we were loved, and cared for, throughout our early years.

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