Eeeny, Meeny…

It is a strange truth which forces an honourable man to choose between two sets of posturing clowns, both sets of course claiming that they are part of the same beliefs as that which is espoused by that same honourable man.

The man is Archbishop Vincent Nichols, leader of England’s Catholics, and the two sets of clowns are opposing factions of an obscure religious bunch called  the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George. One set, favoured by, amongst others, King Carlos of Spain, is annoyed because the other bunch is giving awards, crosses, knighthoods, and is even more distinctly annoyed because the ‘Junior Prince’s’ bunch is planning a mass in Westminster Cathedral later this year.

The leader of the first set of ‘Constantinians’, who goes by the rather grand title of HRH the Infante Don Carlos, Duke of Calabria, Grand Master of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George, Head of the Royal Household of Bourbon of the Two Sicillies, and doyen of the Knights of the Golden Fleece, (I kid you not) has written to the Archbishop, claiming that as the dissident group has no authority to use the name, they should not be allowed to celebrate the Mass in Westminster. Part of their argument is that the ‘dissident group’ has awarded Gold Medals to the Presidents of Syria and of Yemen.

Now one might see an argument right now in the bestowal of medals to ruthless dictators, but it is only a few short months ago that President Assad was ‘flavour of the month’ with many because he wasn’t quite as nasty as many of his neighbours.

So, apart from the fact that the leader of England’s Roman Catholics has enough to do with fighting for what he regards as natural justice for Adoption Societies, or lambasting Labour’s Alan Johnson for attempting to force ‘quotas’ on Catholic school intakes, he also has to deal with two crews of posturing, pompous clowns, both of which are as false as the other. He must heave a hearty sigh of relief when dealing with our own Royal Family, because, complicated though they may be, they are all at least Anglicans!

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