Those silly ‘green’ lamps don’t last very long, Philip!

” Philip, I told you that it was all a lie, it was all rubbish, this ‘Climate Change’ stuff that you read about. When that silly man Blair was in charge of Our Parliament, he got hold of some silly nonsense, probably from his equally-silly wife, about how we were all doomed unless we all switched to this tiresome ‘Green Climate’ thing that all the others were talking about. I told you that if British people were forced to change the way we live on the basis of the predictions of some ‘Committee’ which is beloved of the United Nations; we would all regret it! Now I read, just the other day, that all their predictions were based on computerised guesswork. And what have we ended up with, even here at the Palace? The lights don’t last; when they do they give off a light that you cannot even read by! I am so glad that I read that small piece on the Internet by that nice man who lives up in the North-East, and went to the site he linked to, so I have at least some decent lights to read by when I am in bed!”

“Yes dear.”


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