What are the odds indeed?

Forget the simpering EuroSlime as he pushes his, ‘homeowners can defend themselves line for all he is worth, but the comment to be listened to is the one from the senior plod on the scene. He stated, ”

‘We are investigating this matter within the legal framework as it stands and I don’t want to speculate on political matters at this stage.

‘If somebody was confronted by a burglar tonight, I would tell them to ring the police and use reasonable force to protect themselves.’

In other words, some poor bloke who was faced with a career criminal is now likely to be charged with manslaughter, unless heavy political pressure is brought to bear!


Stuff Shami, if I was confronted by some clown who was trying to rob me, or harm my own, he would be dead before he got both feet on my engineered-oak floor! It truly is amazing what one can find literally misplaced on a low cupboard top next to the front door; a really, really sharp 9-inch long serrated edge knife that I was using to dead-head some roses last summer, a nice conveniently-weighted claw hammer that I was using to tap some cable clips tight against the skirting some six months ago: it truly is terrifying just to see where I dropped these things and forgot to tidy them away.

Gone unfortunately are the days when I could drop my hand on to my fully-loaded .38 calibre revolver, loaded that is with cast-lead death. That was in the good old days when I lived overseas. True, I had to attend a gun-handling course on the responsibilities of owning a deadly weapon, but few people have actually had to draw their weapon, as I had to do. I fired to injure, to warn; and for that I received a stern lecture from a Police Major, and also faced the possibility of the loss of my licence. The Police determined instead that I should attend further training sessions at the gun range, with strict adherence to re-learning the ‘kill-zone’ on the human body.

I fired my gun again, early one morning, at the racing figure of a black bloke who was trying to force my flat patio door open. I reckon I hit him, because the police found blood traces on the concrete of the property next to ours. That time, the Police Sergeant gave me some gentle advice on leading my aim on a moving target, and also the possibility of buying a gun with a longer barrel, which of course would provide a longer, better-aimed bullet flight!

My views are simple, yet robust; if someone comes into my home without express welcome from myself, he will get all he deserves. I wish sometimes that our laws descended from a Constitution, and were not continually being fenced and finagled by do-gooders.