Lies, damned lies, and Westminster

I have always tried to give people the benefit of the doubt, excepting of course any of our breeds of politicians, to who I give neither respect nor credence. Some may call  me cynical; and while they have as much right to their opinions as I have to mine, I believe that my opinions are bolstered and proven by long experience. They (politicians)  routinely change course, they equally routinely lie, obfuscate and cloud the argument, in order to hold to their Party line, and the Party rules above all.

A Tory MP, Mark Pritchard, spoke on a Commons Motion to ban all live animals from appearing in circuses; he spoke despite being pressured by Whips as well as No. Ten, Downing Street, whose occupier was said to ‘look dimly’ on mere MPs actually speaking their minds. Some MPs spoke against the Motion, more agreed with Mr. Pritchard, and the Motion was passed. Now the actual Motion was just advisory, the Government need not heed its passage at all, but the reason why I write with such annoyance is because of the sheer, unadulterated bullshit which was unloaded within the Commons, and more importantly outside that building which used to represent the place in which speeches were made which decided how we lived in this once great country.

The journalist & commentator Nigel Lawson is no innocent in the jungle of politics; he was editor of the Spectator, editor of the Sunday Telegraph, and is now lead columnist for the Sunday Times. He wrote a whole leader column within Sunday’s edition, a position which used to command respect from readers, journalists and politicians alike. To write a leader column for the Sunday Times means you have ‘arrived’. And yet, this ‘wise man’, this ‘paragon amongst journalists’ cannot, or will not, write the simple truth about the stupid and silly ‘circus animal Motion’, because it would have meant revealing the fact that Parliament has not got the power to impose a ban upon circus animals! We gave it away, or at least one of the British governments gave it away; they gave it to Brussels. In twenty-six column inches, on the main opinion page of the Sunday Times, he cannot even tell the truth to his readers. Don’t believe me? Believe Richard North, of EU Referendum fame. He has chapter and verse!

My old Dad used to purse his lips whenever politics was mentioned in the pubs he used to run when we were young men, and once I asked him why he successfully stopped any political discussions in the bars?

Hiws reply:- “Michael, the ones that talk about it don’t know enough; and the ones who practice it mostly lie through their collective teeth!”

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