William Hague stated :- “We would now be looking at a pariah state completely under the control of Col Gaddafi, destabilising an already unstable Middle East, if we had not taken the action we have taken.”

So when is he and Boy David going to act on Syria? When will he send the Tornadoes and the Typhoons against Damascus? Probably not until Cameron returns from holiday in Chiantishire, and then don’t hold your breath!

We’ll probably hear stern words of warning, along with the imposition of sanctions which will stop Assads wife from shopping in Bond Street, but little else! Mainly because we haven’t got any more bombs; we have sacked all the other jet fighter/bomber pilots, no Arabs want to join anyone against Syria, and Cameron has just seen the fuel bill for Afghanistan.

When you hear it, you will know it.


“We will all be significantly poorer in twenty years time.”

Fresh and fascinating words from an Investment analyst. Terry Smith was talking during a BBC Today interview, and the words I remember best are those are ‘We are living in a fantasy’, as well as ‘there haven’t really been any cuts yet; as the Government has borrowed more every month than they did last year!’ At last, a man who simply tells it as he sees it, without all the caveats, the bullshit, the temporising and the lies.

Being a BBC interview, the name of the one who placed us all in such deep debt was missing, but for those who missed it when it happened, that name of course is Dr. Death himself, Gordon Brown. Just listen to the interview on the link, and see if you agree or not.

Thiz summat up wee im

Some time back, an acquaintance visited a house in Newcastle to check and repair some wiring which had short-circuited and had blown the fuse. The house was occupied by an Indian family, mother and father, and three kids. All three children spoke perfect English, as they had all been educated in England; incidentally two were aiming at University, and the third was setting himself up as a small businessman, even though he was only seventeen. A typical, thrusting, busy family, and unfortunately typical in yet another way as well; neither mother nor father spoke any English at all! The two adults had established themselves in England over thirteen years ago, and had owned a corner shop until they retired and sold it. Three close relatives had been on hand to serve any customer who did not speak their own language Hindi, and this option had continued until they sold their shop. Many of our immigrant families keep to this tradition, in that they resolutely turn their backs upon the indigenous language of the country which has been so generous of its hospitality.

So is it any wonder that Mrs. Chapti, who doesn’t seem to speak any English, but who has lived here on and off for six years, wishes to bring her husband, who not only doesn’t speak any English either, and by all accounts doesn’t want to learn either; over to England to spend his years with his ‘wife’. This ‘bringing together’ is, according to Mrs. Chapti, and her solicitor of course, in perfect alignment with her ‘Human Rights’, especially those of ‘family’ etc.

So what are the odds of the Chaptis getting together in happy Bangalore (West), otherwise known as Leicester? Pretty good, I reckon. After all, he won’t take up much room when he dies, as he can now choose his own open-air pyre, so why not where he lives before that?

End; and the means?

Drifting very quickly and briefly through the Knights Templar Manifesto of the maniac who killed ninety-three Norwegians, it could be said that he might well be mad, he is quite possibly a psychopath of the first order, but he is also literate, extremely well-read and -educated; and up-to-date when it comes to Europe, and the ideas of European Hegemony without a shot being fired against the take-over of ALL European nation states by a creeping, bureaucratic, massively-funded Dictatorship, he is not far off the mark.

He dislikes the very idea of Muslim and Islamic ideals, because he states that they only know one end idea, that of the Caliphate.

He hasn’t much of an opinion of the last four Prime Ministers of Great Britain, which places him on the same shelf as myself, but I am neither armed, nor am I of the opinion they should all be shot; just maybe imprisoned for dereliction of duty to the Nation-State.

He doesn’t have much time for militant feminists. I just reckon they are too noisy, and too much notice is given them.

He is dead against MultiCulturalism, claiming that is the soft surrender to the importation of Muslim values such as Sharia Law. Again, I would agree with his thesis, but I would state that part of the preferred option is a complete closure of the ‘family and relations’ part of the Immigration Schemes in force at present; not an AK47!

We will hear more and more of the claims of Co-Conspirators of this crazed gunman in the coming days and weeks ahead, we shall no doubt learn of ‘sympathisers’ in the ranks of the BNP and the EDL, and it will be taken as ‘Gospel’ that they exist, because one lunatic has written, so it must be true!

The BBC has already stated that he had links with the EDL, despite firm and repeated denials on the EDL Website.  As a whore once remarked ‘they would say that, wouldn’t they!

These claims have also been repeated in the Daily Mail.

As our fellow blogger Richard North has stated 

” We could indeed be looking at a watershed … and it ain’t pretty.”


The final passages of the manifesto give details of his preparations for the massive bomb which exploded in Oslo centre. Mad, definitely! Stupid? Doubt it!

Happy Gilmour?

I don’t know if anyone else read the combined and condensed bullshit which was spouted by the ‘supporters’ of the lout who swung from the Cenotaph flag on the morning of the ‘Cuts’ protest, or it may have been have been the ‘students fees’ protest; or something else, or whatever. If you remember, the lout who should have indeed himself been swung by his scrawny neck claimed, during the pre-sentencing hearing that he was ‘strung-out’ on amphetamines and booze, and that he was also ‘depressed’ by the news that his biological father had disowned him.

Seems as though young Charlie has friends in high places, as people like India Knight, Sunday Times columnist, feels really sorry for young Charlie, and thinks he has been really badly treated for attacking a store and stealing, as well as simply swinging on the Flag draped on the Nation’s premier tribute to the men and women who died in the service of their Country. The fact that he also led, or was prominent in attacking the Rolls Royce which carried the Heir to the Throne and the Duchess of Cornwall is beside the point, he was just an exuberant youth who was caught up ‘in the moment’, and sixteen months in prison was far too harsh a punishment for a juvenile prank such as it was! Also paraded were ‘character’ witnesses including one clown who stated that little Charlie had been subjected to some serious bullying at school! Diddums!

Jessica also weighs in from her desk in Southampton where she insists that young Charlie is being scapegoated for well, being young and misunderstood. This learned paragon(ness) also states that as Ed Woolard has already been ‘made-an-example-of’, as he was a shy boy, quiet, heavily involved with fundraising at the college. I somehow don’t think young Jessica would understand or indeed approve of my emotions and comments as I saw the photos of the young and exuberant Charlie as he swung from the Cenotaph!

Still, I can always hope that he will be made to see the error of his ways, as being over the age of twenty-one, he will be going to live with the big boys for a while!

lead, kindly light!

When I read of the action, and mostly of the inaction, of the Catholic Church in the Republic of Ireland in the widespread abuse of children in the diocese of Cloyne by paeadophilic Catholic priests over many years, I ask if you have ever considered the consequences to an organisation which was, to all intents and purposes, the real ruler of the people who lived within the Republic, and to a lesser extent, to those who held to the Catholic Faith in Northern Ireland as well.  The word of the Church was Law to believers, and God’s spokesmen spoke on many issues, and the various Governments allowed the Church great leeway in the manner in which it operated. Its charities, its schools and educational establishments were given preference, its teachings, especially around contraception and abortion, still carry a great deal of weight even today within Government. It is still illegal to procure an abortion in the Republic, and as a direct result of this intolerance towards women and their choice over their bodies, some 140,000, that is one hundred and forty thousand women travelled to England and Wales to abort their unborn children over ten years.

When we hear and read of the abuses against defenceless and innocent children, we expect; no, we demand that they be protected! When the Catholic Hierarchy announced, to great fanfare, that they were amidst a new beginning, many rejoiced; but some did not. As the Cloyne Report stipulates, ‘Bishop Magee “took little or no active interest” in the management of clerical child sexual abuse cases until 2008, 12 years after the framework document on child sexual abuse was agreed by the Irish Bishops’ Conference. ‘, and yet he was allowed to carry on, delgating such matters to his sidekick Monsignor, who himself disagreed with the guidelines, as he confessed to  becoming emotionally and pastorally drawn to the plight of the accused priest, to the detriment of the pastoral response I intended to make to complainants”. In other words, despite being plainly aware of the actions of perverts, he took their side because they were priests, like him!

A senior member of the Irish government proposed a law which purported to break the ‘seal of the confessional’, but this was then hedged about with so many ‘ifs, ands and buts’ that the reader knew that what was proposed was totally out of the question!

In fact, his proposed new law allows those with a “reasonable excuse” not to report allegations of abuse, and those excuses explicitly include the situation where an abused person makes it known that he or she does not want the Gardai to be told. Existing legal precedents also suggest that courts could find other “reasonable excuses” implicitly include those of lawyers, doctors, bishops or priests who believe they have a privileged relationship with a patient, client, priest or penitent. So why bother?

Along with very few others, I have personal knowledge of a paeadophile priest in action, although confessing at the same time that he gave off the aura of ‘just another parish priest’. I shook his hand, I joined in his parish works, I even gave him a hand with parish activities and auctions. Why? Simple, because, above everything else, because of the hidden and disgusting nature of their inner being, their disguise is so good, so impenetrable, that the only way is by either direct knowledge, or accusation by one of the abused which is taken seriously. When Adrian McLeish was arrested and charged, I, along with all the other parishioners, was flabbergasted. Was the man who had preached reconciliation, peace and charity the same who was accused of sacrificing the innocents to further his own perverted ends? Was the man who handed out the Sacrament the same as the pervert? I even visited him in prison before his trial, to try and discover what had turned him from the path of clarity, of truth and single-mindedness in belief to that of double-talk, and of perversion! All I found was a self-serving bleat that he could not help himself, all I heard was drivel and treachery!

Remember, the man being accused is a priest; one who stands aside from everyday life because of his calling. No wonder the poor boys who fled from the Christian Brothers’ Australian Bindoon Home were not believed; the very men who were presumed to be above the crowd by nature of their beliefs and standing were amongst the worst abusers!

According to his brother, Bishop Magee will return from America in a few days time, but will the accusers have their own day in Court? Knowing the track record of the Roman Catholic Church based in Dublin, I doubt if they will ever hear or see him again!

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