Cometh the hour: cometh the Man?

I have to report with some sadness that a statue of former President Ronald Reagan will be unveiled outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square today, the 4th of July; the day when America celebrates its Independence!

Sadness? Many reasons.

I read that Baroness Margaret Thatcher is possibly too frail to attend the ceremony, and sends her regrets. She, above all, relished the warm friendship from a man who was unafraid to admit that he didn’t know everything, she gladly worked with a leader who relished the battle, knowing that he was right; she called him the second most important man in her life, she who found that she could work with a simple man who was also the owner of one of the shrewdest political minds ever to come to high political office.

Sadness because we need giants as politicians, and we are given pygmies! Where we had Reagan, and Thatcher; where we could depend on the clear thinking of a De Gaulle, France-biased though he may have been, where we had the dependable old-style Labour idealism of a Clement Attlee or indeed of a Winston Churchill; not only politicians but Statesmen, whose actions were for the benefit of not only their nations, but also of a common way of life: look at what we have today!

We see Ed Milliband, a Labour Party leader who married his long-time ‘partner’ because he was told it would look well with those who supported the Party if he married the mother of his kids! A Labour leader who does not command any respect within his own Party, because he was ‘elected’ on a rigged ballot and a flawed electoral process which was enthusiastically endorsed by the Union Barons who are now presenting their promissory notes for their ‘support’ during the electoral process. We see the leader, if that is what he is, of the Lib-Dims, who has presided over the greatest fall in electoral support for his Party since records began. Nick Clegg, along with the rest of his branch of ‘Pigmy-politics’ made lots of promises to his bedazzled supporters in the days when everyone knew that the Lib-Dims were electorally a spent force. But three outings in front of the television cameras made all the difference, and he was asked to form a Coalition, and thus the pygmy #1 becomes Deputy Prime Minister. And then we come to the ‘boy king himself’ David Cameron. Elected to lead his party because he memorised his speech and wowed the Tory audience. A politician who has broken every promise he ever made, who gave the impression he would be ‘tough’ in Europe when in fact he is the epitome of EuroSlime; who stated that he would hold to the defence of this Island Nation; and then presides over the gutting of major parts of our Defence equipment and staff, whilst throwing ever more billions of cash which we do not have towards drug- and war-lords, towards nations that either slide the cash into their Dubai bank accounts or purchase better weapon systems than we posess ourselves.

What do we see when we look towards the Nation which so proudly cast off the chains of a dissolute English Government because they wanted ‘representation alongside taxation’? We see a coterie of politicians and cronies who could not raise a candle aginst the winds of a Reagan, we see, time after time, criminality raised instead of competence. of words which ‘poll well’ and ‘sell well’ instead of conviction and truth. We see a President squander a whole term because he couldn’t keep his penis inside his trousers. We see his successor announce ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Iraq, and then watch as the American, British and Iraqi deaths mount ever higher. We see another elevate himself from being a Chicago machine-political ‘Community Organiser’ through a half-term in the Senate to be the ‘New Hope’ of a nation which had been lied to by politicians, financiers, banks, insurance giants and more politicians; and put himself forward as the ‘Man who could change America’ if President. With friends around him who think as he does, we see the results in the ever-inceasing unemployment lines, the ever-mounting debts, and the all-encompassing Spin. We see politicians who are seen to be ‘on the take’ from about five milliseconds after achieving office; most of them aren’t even good at thieving, as can be seen from the lists of the inmates of the ‘low-security prisons’ favoured by the Federal judges.

Sadness because I read of the knee-jerk reaction of the present American Embassy when the statue was given planning permission two-odd years ago. Asked to comment if the statue would move to the proposed new embassy site in Nine Elms, the spokesman stated, ‘Its not our statue.’. We watch as William Hague speaks at the statue, in theory the Foreign Secretary but in fact the bent footstool upon which the European foreign chief Baroness Ashton rests her feet upon when not sifting through the Communist cash she and her ex-boyfriend got when in CND together.

Where are the leaders in this time of worry and strife, when protesting Syrians are standing to be shot whilst British companies vie to sell their Bahraini neighbours weaponry? Where are the Giants; when all that can be seen are the pygmies and their friends?

One thought on “Cometh the hour: cometh the Man?

  1. Sigh. I couldn’t agree more. Well said. I have sent the link to this post to some of my friends.

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