‘corrie’ up the creek?

I have always admired Brian Sewell. His waspish comments, delivered with the authority of deep knowledge of a wide range of subjects, have alsways enlivened debate at any time. But I reckon he has hit the ‘diversity’ nail right on the head with his comments about the fact that ‘Coronation Street’ has lost the plot in every way possible!

From confused lesbians, through twirling transvestites to bent-over-forwards homosexuals, ‘Corrie’ has it all, in spades if not in shades!

When first Coronation Street appeared, I used to watch, and as the story lines with strong women, much as I knew from my own neighbourhood developed, the tv audience grew until Coronation Street was the top show on the box.

I haven’t watched it for many years, but from the write-up supplied by Brian Sewell, I reckon I haven’t missed very much!