Enough, already!


All the illusions of just a few days ago are being cast aside. Liberals have seen the light, or at least a parting of the curtains, when it has been proven that a great many ‘Asylum Seekers’ in the United States have fabricated stories of ‘torture’, of ‘blood feuds’, of ‘fear of persecution because they are gay’; because they have a ‘well-founded fear of  retaliation by ‘Islamic Extremists’!. Shock, horror, and what is worse, all this is being exposed/discovered/examined by the Left Wing’s Favourite Newspaper!

Not too bad a timeline, since it has long been obvious to even a mildly-sceptical person such as myself that the vast majority are liars whose only wish is to get into the USA!

If human nature is as I believe it is, most of the completely Bogus so-called ‘Asylum Seekers’ in the United Kingdom fall into the same brackets of lying, thieving cheating scum, who soil and harm the very name of the very few who do deserve our help!