Happy Gilmour?

I don’t know if anyone else read the combined and condensed bullshit which was spouted by the ‘supporters’ of the lout who swung from the Cenotaph flag on the morning of the ‘Cuts’ protest, or it may have been have been the ‘students fees’ protest; or something else, or whatever. If you remember, the lout who should have indeed himself been swung by his scrawny neck claimed, during the pre-sentencing hearing that he was ‘strung-out’ on amphetamines and booze, and that he was also ‘depressed’ by the news that his biological father had disowned him.

Seems as though young Charlie has friends in high places, as people like India Knight, Sunday Times columnist, feels really sorry for young Charlie, and thinks he has been really badly treated for attacking a store and stealing, as well as simply swinging on the Flag draped on the Nation’s premier tribute to the men and women who died in the service of their Country. The fact that he also led, or was prominent in attacking the Rolls Royce which carried the Heir to the Throne and the Duchess of Cornwall is beside the point, he was just an exuberant youth who was caught up ‘in the moment’, and sixteen months in prison was far too harsh a punishment for a juvenile prank such as it was! Also paraded were ‘character’ witnesses including one clown who stated that little Charlie had been subjected to some serious bullying at school! Diddums!

Jessica also weighs in from her desk in Southampton where she insists that young Charlie is being scapegoated for well, being young and misunderstood. This learned paragon(ness) also states that as Ed Woolard has already been ‘made-an-example-of’, as he was a shy boy, quiet, heavily involved with fundraising at the college. I somehow don’t think young Jessica would understand or indeed approve of my emotions and comments as I saw the photos of the young and exuberant Charlie as he swung from the Cenotaph!

Still, I can always hope that he will be made to see the error of his ways, as being over the age of twenty-one, he will be going to live with the big boys for a while!