End; and the means?

Drifting very quickly and briefly through the Knights Templar Manifesto of the maniac who killed ninety-three Norwegians, it could be said that he might well be mad, he is quite possibly a psychopath of the first order, but he is also literate, extremely well-read and -educated; and up-to-date when it comes to Europe, and the ideas of European Hegemony without a shot being fired against the take-over of ALL European nation states by a creeping, bureaucratic, massively-funded Dictatorship, he is not far off the mark.

He dislikes the very idea of Muslim and Islamic ideals, because he states that they only know one end idea, that of the Caliphate.

He hasn’t much of an opinion of the last four Prime Ministers of Great Britain, which places him on the same shelf as myself, but I am neither armed, nor am I of the opinion they should all be shot; just maybe imprisoned for dereliction of duty to the Nation-State.

He doesn’t have much time for militant feminists. I just reckon they are too noisy, and too much notice is given them.

He is dead against MultiCulturalism, claiming that is the soft surrender to the importation of Muslim values such as Sharia Law. Again, I would agree with his thesis, but I would state that part of the preferred option is a complete closure of the ‘family and relations’ part of the Immigration Schemes in force at present; not an AK47!

We will hear more and more of the claims of Co-Conspirators of this crazed gunman in the coming days and weeks ahead, we shall no doubt learn of ‘sympathisers’ in the ranks of the BNP and the EDL, and it will be taken as ‘Gospel’ that they exist, because one lunatic has written, so it must be true!

The BBC has already stated that he had links with the EDL, despite firm and repeated denials on the EDL Website.  As a whore once remarked ‘they would say that, wouldn’t they!

These claims have also been repeated in the Daily Mail.

As our fellow blogger Richard North has stated 

” We could indeed be looking at a watershed … and it ain’t pretty.”


The final passages of the manifesto give details of his preparations for the massive bomb which exploded in Oslo centre. Mad, definitely! Stupid? Doubt it!

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