Sucker punch

When the Government here in Great Britain  decides to do something, whether foolish or correct, it usually decide that we have to pay for it. The Government extracts direct taxes from every working person, through Income Tax and National Insurance, and indirect taxes through fuel duty, VAT, and a plethora of other taxes. All told it adds to about sixty-odd % of our GNP (Gross National Product), if not more. So it directs the Treasury to fork out so much for Education, Prisons and Justice, these days a lot less on Defence, but you get the overall picture. If the Government decides to do something, it might well have to borrow money to pay for it, but that ‘something’ both gets done, and gets paid for, out of the Public Purse. Its perhaps old-fashioned, but thats the way we have been doing things for quite a while now; and whilst I have many problems with many of the projects and services provided by various British Governments, that is the way we, as a Nation, do things.

Not so for example in India, where stupendous numbers, totalling some 250 million-odd at the last count, are routinely discriminated against to a large if not total degree. The Dalits, or to give them the europeanised title, the ‘Untouchables’, have lived with tremendous discrimination for centuries under the hidden lash of the Hindu ‘Caste’ system. But even the rest of India also suffers through lack of investment in schools and higher education, in a creaking and careworn Judicial system, in a transport system which is set in ways decreed in the days of the British Raj.

But certain areas of Government in India get what they wish, on the spot, and pay top dollar for it. Whether it be brand-new MIG-29s, or a $2.4billion upgrade for their French Mirages, the Indian Government spends the money, even though they cannot afford all those bright shiny new toys.

But wait just a minute, there is a pliant and ready set of suckers who are willing to pay for the educational needs of a fair number of Indians, Untouchable or not! The same set of suckers stand ready to fund all sorts of services to the tune of £245 million in 2009-10 alone. So India can buy their new MIG-29s, and also buy the upgrade for their ageing French Mirage jets, because the suckers are picking up the bill for things which the Indians should be paying for.

The suckers? That would be us!

Enough, already!


All the illusions of just a few days ago are being cast aside. Liberals have seen the light, or at least a parting of the curtains, when it has been proven that a great many ‘Asylum Seekers’ in the United States have fabricated stories of ‘torture’, of ‘blood feuds’, of ‘fear of persecution because they are gay’; because they have a ‘well-founded fear of  retaliation by ‘Islamic Extremists’!. Shock, horror, and what is worse, all this is being exposed/discovered/examined by the Left Wing’s Favourite Newspaper!

Not too bad a timeline, since it has long been obvious to even a mildly-sceptical person such as myself that the vast majority are liars whose only wish is to get into the USA!

If human nature is as I believe it is, most of the completely Bogus so-called ‘Asylum Seekers’ in the United Kingdom fall into the same brackets of lying, thieving cheating scum, who soil and harm the very name of the very few who do deserve our help!

‘Hear, hear’; to the man with audacity!

It is not often that I truly recommend an article; especially when the subject is self-criticism, but when I read the piece by Idang Alibi, I honestly thought that I was reading some of my own thoughts re-distilled into a stronger version.

So, without further comment, Mr. Idang Alibi:-

Albert Einstein who is acknowledged as one of the brainiest men that ever lived on the surface of the earth once said that the average human uses less than 10 per cent of the brain God has given to him.

Whether out of a sense of modesty or he was seriously speaking the truth, he said further that even he himself (who had such a high reputation for accomplishing much with his brain) did not use more than that 10 per cent. . If this assertion is correct and if other races use less than 10 per cent of their installed capacity for production, I can safely say that we Black people use less than one per cent of our installed brain capacity for reasoning, inventing and producing things.

Why do I say so? Our race seems so averse to thinking and this helps to explain why we have achieved so little in terms of socio-political organisation, scientific and technological inventions, economic and material development and in all other indices of human progress or development. Please do not accuse me of being harsh on ourselves. I say this out of patriotic anger and disappointment and there is truth in what I am saying.

I have said several times that this earth that God has made our habitation is a work-in-progress. God deliberately did not ‘complete’ creating a perfect world for us his children to just dwell in it without a care for anything but to tend it, subdue it and make it to suit our requirement because he did not intend us to be robots, but to be thinking and creative beings who will be his partners-in-progress.

That is why God did not build houses for us to just inherit and live in, once we are born; but He created limestone, clay, sand, water and granite for us to figure out how we can convert them to building materials and use them in making for ourselves habitable houses. God could have made us furniture but he instead made for us tress so that we can fashion out from them wood and turn them into the kind of furniture we desire.

With thinking or creative faculty bestowed upon us we are meant to put our brains to work. But we the Blacks are the least willing or the least able of all the races to put our brains to productive work.

Our refusal, so to say, to use our brains and think out solutions to the challenges confronting us is the number seven reasons why we are the way we are–poor, miserable and pitiable.

We Blacks everywhere are too willing to resign ourselves to any situation in which we find ourselves. The Black man can remain in a ghetto environment for centuries without thinking about how to improve his circumstances. Government will not care about him and he will not care about himself. Go to any African country: the same type of grass-thatched round mud house that our ancestors of pre-historic times lived in is the same type of houses many of our people are still living in today. This does not in any way show a people who regard life as a continuing battle to conquer and subdue the earth so we can live a better life than our forebears did. This shows a people who do not sit down and use their brain for their own good.

From the little reading I have done, I have discovered that every great civilisation that has ever been built was done so based on certain ideas: the wise elders of the people of that material time sat together and reasoned among themselves and decided that they needed to follow certain principles of life before they can grow and develop. It is said that ideas rule the world. They indeed do. Every country that is known as great is built on an idea or a set of ideas. Any discerning person who visits any country for the first time, will know what ideas, or if any ideas at all, informed the building of that country. You will know if a country is built to confer the greatest good on the greater number of the people or is meant for the elite or is a looters’ haven.

Europeans who fled from religious persecution to the new world of what is today America decided that they will embrace what we call today Protestant Ethic namely frugality, liberty, hard work, discipline and the pursuit of happiness. Employing these principles they proceeded to build a country that has become an empire still bulling the rest of us in the world today.

About fifty years ago the tiny city-state island of Singapore was a dirt poor place, even more backward than some of the countries in present day Africa. One man, who can be called the island’s philosopher-king according to the prescription of Plato, sat down, thought hard and decided that certain things needed to be done to take Singapore from a backward Third World nation to a successful First World country. That man is called Lee Kuan Yew.

He said the country must embrace a sort of capitalism driven by the state which is in turn governed by a tiny band of highly educated, patriotic, honest, absolutely corrupt-free, disciplined and visionary elite. Today, that country that is smaller both in size and population than Sokoto state is called a tiny titan; it punches far above its weight!

Where, I cry, are our own thinkers, planners and executors of the ideas we have for building great African societies? First of all, what are the ideas that we Africans have for building our countries? This is where everything starts: a good thought.

On what ideas is a country like Nigeria founded? From the way our country is run, it looks like this is anything- goes- place. It is a place without rule or order. Do anything you can and anything you please to grab as much as you can. If you like keep your loot here or better, hide it in safe havens abroad. Even if a country is founded to be a rouge haven, there must be guiding rules for roguery so that every rogue can enjoy his loot in relative peace. But no. Dare to call for some kind of conference, whether sovereign or non-sovereign so that our governing elite can sit down and decide what we need to do as a people, and many who are afraid that an inconvenient rule may be made to stop looting may be thought of to spoil their own chance, will not like to hear that. And so we are stuck.

And that is the fate of many African countries. We are afraid of even thinking about the way forward. What a tragedy!

‘corrie’ up the creek?

I have always admired Brian Sewell. His waspish comments, delivered with the authority of deep knowledge of a wide range of subjects, have alsways enlivened debate at any time. But I reckon he has hit the ‘diversity’ nail right on the head with his comments about the fact that ‘Coronation Street’ has lost the plot in every way possible!

From confused lesbians, through twirling transvestites to bent-over-forwards homosexuals, ‘Corrie’ has it all, in spades if not in shades!

When first Coronation Street appeared, I used to watch, and as the story lines with strong women, much as I knew from my own neighbourhood developed, the tv audience grew until Coronation Street was the top show on the box.

I haven’t watched it for many years, but from the write-up supplied by Brian Sewell, I reckon I haven’t missed very much!

Cometh the hour: cometh the Man?

I have to report with some sadness that a statue of former President Ronald Reagan will be unveiled outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square today, the 4th of July; the day when America celebrates its Independence!

Sadness? Many reasons.

I read that Baroness Margaret Thatcher is possibly too frail to attend the ceremony, and sends her regrets. She, above all, relished the warm friendship from a man who was unafraid to admit that he didn’t know everything, she gladly worked with a leader who relished the battle, knowing that he was right; she called him the second most important man in her life, she who found that she could work with a simple man who was also the owner of one of the shrewdest political minds ever to come to high political office.

Sadness because we need giants as politicians, and we are given pygmies! Where we had Reagan, and Thatcher; where we could depend on the clear thinking of a De Gaulle, France-biased though he may have been, where we had the dependable old-style Labour idealism of a Clement Attlee or indeed of a Winston Churchill; not only politicians but Statesmen, whose actions were for the benefit of not only their nations, but also of a common way of life: look at what we have today!

We see Ed Milliband, a Labour Party leader who married his long-time ‘partner’ because he was told it would look well with those who supported the Party if he married the mother of his kids! A Labour leader who does not command any respect within his own Party, because he was ‘elected’ on a rigged ballot and a flawed electoral process which was enthusiastically endorsed by the Union Barons who are now presenting their promissory notes for their ‘support’ during the electoral process. We see the leader, if that is what he is, of the Lib-Dims, who has presided over the greatest fall in electoral support for his Party since records began. Nick Clegg, along with the rest of his branch of ‘Pigmy-politics’ made lots of promises to his bedazzled supporters in the days when everyone knew that the Lib-Dims were electorally a spent force. But three outings in front of the television cameras made all the difference, and he was asked to form a Coalition, and thus the pygmy #1 becomes Deputy Prime Minister. And then we come to the ‘boy king himself’ David Cameron. Elected to lead his party because he memorised his speech and wowed the Tory audience. A politician who has broken every promise he ever made, who gave the impression he would be ‘tough’ in Europe when in fact he is the epitome of EuroSlime; who stated that he would hold to the defence of this Island Nation; and then presides over the gutting of major parts of our Defence equipment and staff, whilst throwing ever more billions of cash which we do not have towards drug- and war-lords, towards nations that either slide the cash into their Dubai bank accounts or purchase better weapon systems than we posess ourselves.

What do we see when we look towards the Nation which so proudly cast off the chains of a dissolute English Government because they wanted ‘representation alongside taxation’? We see a coterie of politicians and cronies who could not raise a candle aginst the winds of a Reagan, we see, time after time, criminality raised instead of competence. of words which ‘poll well’ and ‘sell well’ instead of conviction and truth. We see a President squander a whole term because he couldn’t keep his penis inside his trousers. We see his successor announce ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Iraq, and then watch as the American, British and Iraqi deaths mount ever higher. We see another elevate himself from being a Chicago machine-political ‘Community Organiser’ through a half-term in the Senate to be the ‘New Hope’ of a nation which had been lied to by politicians, financiers, banks, insurance giants and more politicians; and put himself forward as the ‘Man who could change America’ if President. With friends around him who think as he does, we see the results in the ever-inceasing unemployment lines, the ever-mounting debts, and the all-encompassing Spin. We see politicians who are seen to be ‘on the take’ from about five milliseconds after achieving office; most of them aren’t even good at thieving, as can be seen from the lists of the inmates of the ‘low-security prisons’ favoured by the Federal judges.

Sadness because I read of the knee-jerk reaction of the present American Embassy when the statue was given planning permission two-odd years ago. Asked to comment if the statue would move to the proposed new embassy site in Nine Elms, the spokesman stated, ‘Its not our statue.’. We watch as William Hague speaks at the statue, in theory the Foreign Secretary but in fact the bent footstool upon which the European foreign chief Baroness Ashton rests her feet upon when not sifting through the Communist cash she and her ex-boyfriend got when in CND together.

Where are the leaders in this time of worry and strife, when protesting Syrians are standing to be shot whilst British companies vie to sell their Bahraini neighbours weaponry? Where are the Giants; when all that can be seen are the pygmies and their friends?