Lets have a cull of the Looters!

A recent proposal to cull large sectors of the West of England’s farmlands and countryside of badgers, so as to help eradicate TB in cattle met with the usual response. Wild-eyed animal activists threatening to chain themselves to each and every badger was one of the milder proposals. But middle England, as usual, looked on with less than mild interest, and then turned away to the X-factor, or the X-box, or even re-runs of the X-files; anything rather than become interested about the arguments regarding the spread of a dangerous and deadly infection within the bodies of animals which we, as a nation, get our milk, butter and cheese from, as well as meat for the table.

Statements from the Food Standards Agency seem to indicate that there is a high probability of TB-infected meat getting into the human food chain, as the present tuberculin ‘reactor’ test is grossly inadequate in allowing observable results apart from measuring the size of the ‘reactor’ lesions. The use of gamma-interferon testing is now accepted by DEFRA, but only on ‘prescribed circumstances’, presumably because the DEFRA ‘tuberculin fans’ have not yet been bribed sufficiently to move over to the more exacting ‘gamma-interferon’ testing.

But the ‘cull’ fans seem to be gaining ground, and hopefully we shall see decisive action at long last to rid our countryside of these noisome pests who spread disease so readily to our national cattle herd.

Some might ask why I write about a problem which is strictly the purview of animal husbandry specialists? I am now arriving at my point, which is to suggest that we organise a second cull, but not of ‘Old Brock’ along with all his families; no, I reckon we ought to have a cull with meaning! Why do we not cull all the Heads and officers of the Quangos which leach off the national treasure? Can we add my personal non-favourite, Trevor Philips and all his EHRC mates? Should we not add to the cull by listing all the fat-cats of the County Councils, some of whom ‘earn’ more than twice what is ‘earned’ by our beloved millionaire Prime Minister? Can the bloated M.O.D. crowd be added en-masse to that list, along with 13th Century Fox?Should we not extend the ‘culling’ list to include all those grossly-overpaid Chief-and Senior executives of the Strategic Health Authorities, especially the murdering bastards of the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust who, despite presiding over the deaths of hundreds of patients, walked away with millions?

Now I am not suggesting for one second that we should kill these dregs of our ‘Me-Me-Me Society’, no, I have something a lot more long-lasting in store for my list of the truly idle scum who inhabit all those plush offices, with their carpets and air-conditioning; I reckon about a ten-year stint of farming should do the trick. Farming? Have I gone mad? Nope, because the place where the ever-growing list of  named scum would be shuttled to would be my favourite place in all the world; Gruinard Island.

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Out of sight, of hearing, and of MIND!

This week saw the last of a melancholy series of memorials; the last salute, by the future Royal Wootton Bassett to those who have paid the price of delusion, of sanctimony, of cost-cutting orders from fools who have never smelt blood; of a set of hurried statements, of a total lack of appreciation of the history of nearly two hundred years of Muslim and British-Afghani history. The townsfolk of Wootton Bassett, itself a small market town in Wiltshire, began the very British salutes to the Fallen of this nation when Brize Norton base closed for renovations.

It happened almost by accident, as the Royal British Legion was holding its monthly meeting when the first cortege passed through on its melancholy journey. The mayor, along with the Royal British Legion members, decided that they would salute the remains at the town’s war memorial, and the tradition began. There was no fuss, a minimum of organisation, very little official involvement, mainly because the townsfolk did not want outsiders telling them how to salute the men and women who had died for Britain, and it is fortunately a fact that no senior politicians came to ‘support’ this sad series of salutes to the Servicemen who gave their lives in pursuit of some strange ideal of a strangled political mind.

The corteges slowly wend their way along the roads of this small town, and the salutes begin and end at the memorial mentioned before, and it is a deep and dark sign that the politicians hated this ‘ordinary people’s salute’ so much that when RAF Brize Norton was being enabled to receive the melancholy transports once more, the first thing to be announced was the end of those famous ‘slow convoys’ past the people who are the very backbone of Britain.

True, there is to be a ‘chapel of rest’ at Brize Norton, and a time set aside for ‘family mourners’, but the corteges will now go out of a disused side-gate, along narrow lanes, past a primary school and roadside chicanes and speed humps, so that the coffins of a failed, dismal and derisory war might sneak away from the flags, the flowers; but most importantly the cameras!


Wanted, rebellion! Apply within.

I post, without excisions, a speech by an English activist, Frank Ellis. I don’t support all of his conclusions, but I do support the general trend of his thesis, which is that we, as a nation, have been betrayed by both Labour and the Tories with this farrago of ‘multiculturalism’ and it should be reversed forthwith!
The Full Text of a Speech Delivered by Dr Frank Ellis to a Conservative Party Association in North Yorkshire in which he responds, among other things, to the Loss of Direction in the Conservative Party and the Failure of the Prime Minister, David Cameron, MP, to address the root Causes of the Urban Rioting and Rapine in his Address to the House of Commons on 11th August 2011.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Just after the first wave of urban savagery hit parts of London, I was contacted by a member of your Conservative Party Association with the request that I address an audience consisting of Conservative Party members. The individual who contacted me had read some of my earlier material on the themes of multiculturalism and the race problem in England. He told me that my views were very much in line with many of his fellow Conservative Party Association members and he asked me whether I would agree to address the problem and why there was such a huge divide between the parliamentary Conservative Party and the rank and file on questions of race, immigration and black crime.

The fact that this meeting is taking place in a large, beautiful, farm building rather than in the accommodation of your local association bears witness to the fact that the Conservative Party has indeed lost its way; that it has become a party divorced from its rank and file members; a party which colludes in the destruction of the United Kingdom and above all England.  If the Conservative Party led by David Cameron still believed in the primacy of the English nation and stood in awe of the freedoms which we have wrought for ourselves over the centuries, the organiser of this meeting would not have been obliged to ask a farmer for the use of this building. We would have convened in the local party offices or some other official venue.

But we do not live in normal times. So determined is the leadership of the Conservative Party to impose the alien cult of multiculturalism on the indigenous people – that is people like you and me by the way – and to purge the Conservative Party of all dissenters that all opposition is silenced, mocked and demonised. In 2011, any member of the parliamentary Conservative Party who stood up and publicly, loudly, rationally and truthfully attacked the insane levels of immigration, the anti-white cult of multiculturalism and the profound threat to this country posed by the massive shift in non-white population levels would be deselected and abandoned. So Conservative Party Members of Parliament tremble in cowardly silence fearful of losing their jobs. They know as well as I do what is happening and say nothing. They watch even as their Motherland is defiled and abused, treated like a whore. Even worse, some of them believe in the cult. Members of the parliamentary Conservative Party who remain silent in the face of the threat to our country have effectively abandoned their posts in the presence of the enemy. So it falls to others to speak out. I am of the English blood; I am a Norman bastard; I shall speak out.

The great, Russian writer and patriot Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned us that man must not live by the Lie. What is true for a man is true for a nation.  Let me spell out the brutal truth: multiculturalism is slowly and remorselessly destroying England. In fact the tempo of destruction may actually be increasing. Unchecked, mass legal/illegal immigration continues its deadly work, tearing our society apart; Marxists and multiculturalists continue unchallenged to spread their poison in our schools and universities; and non-white demography threatens completely to overwhelm us. Even in the aftermath of the urban rioting and rapine which blighted London and other cities David Cameron cannot bring himself to acknowledge that race and mass non-white immigration are some of the primary aggravating factors, in some ways they are the sole factors in this mayhem.

At every possible opportunity, from start to finish, David Cameron obfuscates, evades and denies the aggravating part played by race in his address to the House of Commons on 11th August 2011. He tells us that the trouble began when the police shot dead a one Mark Duggan. Why should the fact that the police shot dead this person be connected with the violence that followed?  David Cameron tells us that opportunist gangs exploited Duggan’s death; that ‘The police faced lawbreaking on the streets on a scale not seen for decades’: and all because one person is shot dead by the police? And is there any connection between this latest bout of murderous mayhem and previous ones? Is there a common denominator whereof David Cameron remains silent? I detect the obvious lie, the obvious attempt to deceive the public – not the House of Commons, its members know the truth – when David Cameron tells us that there are ‘deeper problems that have led such a hard core of young people to decide to carry out such appalling criminality’. The problems do not have deep causes they have just been buried too deeply for too long and ignored for too long.  Periodically they erupt. This is the latest – and I can assure you not the last – eruption.

Crime, David Cameron insists, has ‘a context’. In this context the problem of race cannot be ignored. David Cameron says that: ‘This is not about poverty, it’s about culture. A culture that glorifies violence, shows disrespect to authority, and says everything about rights and nothing about responsibilities. In too many cases, the parents of these children – if they are still around – don’t care where their children are or who they are with, let along what they are doing’ While this is an accurate portrait of the underclass per se it is especially accurate with regard to the black underclass. Violent street crime in London – shootings and stabbings – is essentially a black problem and we did not need the latest bout of murder and mayhem to tell us that. If David Cameron disputes this then I ask him to provide specific details of the people who ‘earn money through crime, particularly drugs and are bound together by an imposed loyalty to an authoritarian gang leader’ and who ‘blighted life on their estates with gang on gang murders ands unprovoked attacks on innocent bystanders’.

Endless commissions and inquiries are not needed to tell us the causes. The causes are painfully clear. Very large numbers of unemployed and unemployable blacks are the root cause of the riots and the overwhelming cause of violence on the streets of London. They rioted and engaged in rapine for obvious reasons. They want material goods for which they are not prepared to work so rioting is exploited in order to steal these goods. It is irrelevant to say that indigenous whites were also involved. Blacks were massively overrepresented among the, how should I put it, ‘rioting and looting community’. Had such large numbers of blacks not been present, or had the bulk of the rioters and thieves been white, the police would have cracked down much harder and sooner.

The reason the police did not react swiftly and ruthlessly to such large-scale and widespread manifestations of black, ghetto-style savagery was because the perpetrators were black not white. This is the bitter legacy of the poisonous Macpherson Report (1999). The climate of touchie-feelie, so-called ‘culturally-sensitive’ policing merely emboldens the black mob. Behind the black mob stand black councillors and other officials ever ready to scream racism. The inhibiting effects exercised by these accusations or the threat thereof have, again, been clear for some time. The Macpherson Report and everything associated with it are part of the ‘phoney human rights concerns’ that David Cameron clams will not be permitted to get in the way. So I call on David Cameron publicly to denounce the Macpherson Report and its works.

Mass, non-white immigration has been a catastrophe for England and the worst is yet to come. Violence and mayhem are bad enough but the real threat is in the projected increase in the non-indigenous population. This is where democracy works against the indigenous people. David Cameron and most Tories grasp the brute numbers, the cultural upheaval and the implications well enough yet these are problems which none of them can bear to face. A responsible government would initiate the necessary measures, short, medium and long term in order to ameliorate the worst effects of mass, non-white immigration. Immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants and an emphatic declaration that there shall be no amnesty for illegal immigrants (criminals) in any circumstances would be good beginnings. Again, David Cameron and his party show no sign that they are willing to tackle the range of problems. A responsible government and previous governments would of course not have permitted the present situation to have arisen in the first place. But that is where we are.

I will offer you a vision of England if nothing is done to stem the immigrant invasion:

(i). whole areas of England which are still rural will be concreted over in order to house immigrants. Do not assume that Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Park status will prevent this from happening. Cameron already wants to relax planning controls on Green Belts in order to house aliens. Aliens will be housed at the expense of the English countryside. Worse still the burden of paying for this high density housing will fall on the indigenous population. Large housing estates – 3,000 to 5,000 units – specifically intended for non-whites will be built in the countryside. There shall be no right of appeal on any grounds since the requirement to bring “diversity” to the countryside is deemed to be paramount. Farmers and other landowners who refused to sell land targeted for mass building would be served compulsory purchase orders. “Diversity” comes first;

(ii). water meters will be imposed on all properties. Large non-white immigrant families will receive water at a much lower tariff than indigenous whites. There will be similar schemes applied to electricity and gas;

(iii). immigrant numbers will translate into political power. There will be – there already is – a sordid, treacherous scramble for non-white votes by the three main parties. The interests of whites will be sacrificed where there is any electoral advantage to be gained by, say, the Conservative Party;

(iv). overcrowding, noise and pollution will make many of our cities – and not just the large ones – and medium-sized towns unbearable places in which to live and work. Expect even small villages to have “diversity” quotas imposed on them with all that that means;

(v). our large cities and towns will experience a huge increase in crime and violence, mainly from racially specific gangs, but also from non-affiliated immigrants;

(vi). specific policies of affirmative action and equal opportunities legislation modelled on American legislation will be enacted;

(vii). manifestations of any English national identity will continue to be demonised and in some cases criminalised (every other nationalism and tribal identity will be celebrated);

(viii). there will be a government-sponsored campaign to promote mixed-race marriages and households;

(ix). high-concentration Muslim cities in England will be invited to apply for semi-autonomous status. This will be the first step to full regional independence – free of any controls exercised by Westminster – and the eventual creation of the Confederation of Autonomous Muslim States. The Confederation will be recognised by the European Union since similar Muslim Autonomous Regions will by then have been created in France, Germany and Sweden. Expect the Confederation to make a declaration of independence within ten year of its founding. War with England will be inevitable and the European Union will impose a solution, by force if necessary, which is acceptable to the Confederation of Autonomous Muslim States but one which will be at the expense of the white, Christian/post-Christian indigenous population;

(x). in 2015 Magna Carta will be denounced as one of the most evil documents ever written;

(xi). your children will become a persecuted minority in their own country.

I claim the glory of Agincourt, Trafalgar and the Battle of Britain as my birthright and I accept the shame of Dunkirk and Singapore. I will not share my birthright with aliens. England is our land and our land must be ours. Shame and glory make a nation: shame is the punishment for failing to honour the covenant with our past, with what it means to be English; glory is a reminder of what can be achieved when the nation knows itself and her people are unafraid to be themselves, to revel in their national being. Shame and glory, good and evil, light and dark are some of the eternal truths with which we must live. They are the challenges that shape us and mould us. But a nation that denies its history, its language, culture, folkways; that mocks its heroes and heroines will be brought low and made easy meat for those who have no love for England.

I hope you are very worried. You should be. The ways of history are not always straight. Let us hope it is not too late to be delivered from the pestilence that threatens to overwhelm us. If you want to prevent this catastrophe then bestir your conscience and ask yourself why you still vote for a Conservative Party that prostrates itself before aliens; that hates you; that despises you; that taxes you to pay for aliens and the feckless; that sneers at your love of your great history; that wants to trample England and her people into the dust in pursuit of its hideous multiculturalism; that has betrayed you; and that actively works towards the day when England has been devoured by the United States of Europe.

Thank you very much for the invitation and good luck with the harvest.

God bless you all: and God bless England

Frank Ellis

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Runners and ‘h.m.mm.m.m.’ riders


We are told that Martin Sheen is ruling himself out of running for Ireland’s presidency, so I thought we should be having a look at the available contenders, and of course their chances.

  • Former Archbishop of Cloyne John Magee  odds 1,000,000 to 1 against
  • Oscar Wilde                                          odds  100 to 1 against
  • Dana                                                      odds 4 to 1 on
  • Queen Elizabeth the 2nd               odds 10 to 1 against
  • Paddy McGinty   plus goat)               odds 15 to 1 against
  • Barry O’Bama                                     odds 16-1 against


We are told that staff at two leading British hospitals are wearing ‘age simulation suits’ so to better ‘understand’ the problems facing old people. They also trained using the centre’s SimMan – a talking, breathing, blinking computer-controlled ‘manikin’ which creates scenarios common on older care wards – and staged scenes alongside actors posing as patients and relatives.

Heidi Jensen, of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust, said the ground breaking two-week experimental training programme would help build the specific skills required to care for older patients with complex needs.

We are not told how much this ludicrous exercise costs the taxpayer, probably because we just would not understand the necessity of spending large sums of cash on unproven, complex and hugely expensive ‘scenarios’, as the ‘experts’ so obviously do. We can however reasonably estimate costs which would run, if I am any judge of the usual suspects, into many, many thousands of pounds sterling.

If they really wish to understand what elderly patients really feel; if they truly desire to find out how age affects older people, why don’t they just ask any old person what they think? If they found an equivalent to me, for example, in the ‘patient’ patient queue at Guy’s Hospital, he would be able to tell them the following needs, thoughts and desires, as written with only a few moments of preparedness:

  • I hate some young clown speaking to me as though I have a mental age of about five, just because the colour of my hair is silver.
  • I detest beyond all belief the idea that the patient must be the last person to be told of any imminent problem within their body. Everyone else gets a chance to crawl all over the records, the diagnosis, the test results, and then, if you are very lucky, you get told the facts; but only if you are very lucky.
  • I detest the whole notion of the sacred NHS queuing system, from which there is no appeal, no possibility of an early referral; you are given a date, and again if you are very lucky, and the system doesn’t set you back three months on some computerised whim, get to see a specialist.
  • The whole idea that the medical people are told what to do, and when to do it, by a bunch of people who are titled ‘management’, should be uprooted and thrown in the trash can. Medical people should be able to prioritise on their own, without reference to any civilian ‘authority’ whatsoever.
  • Any member of staff of the NHS, whether Trust, hospital, GP, nursing or even down to civilian service provider, who does not report abuse or neglect within a medical or nursing environment shall face criminal proceedings along with the abusers.
  • No senior member of Trust or NHS management, if implicated in a scandal such as Staffordshire, will be able to walk away with pay-offs, pensions, backhanders or anything. They should face summary punishment, and should also be forced to work in the dirtiest jobs available, so as to allow them to learn how people should be treated!
  • All union activity should be barred from operation within the NHS.

Bureaucracy, whether British, European or American, triumphs!

This man worked for almost fifty years in the White House, cataloguing and filing documentation for ten Administrations. Theororic C. James was a loyal, discreet and conscientious worker, and deserved the praise he received from Presidents such as Kennedy and Bush. But something ‘twanged’ inside his mind in his latter years, he became distant, morose, careless in his appearance and habits, and unwelcoming of attention and help.

His best friend, as well as his family, tried to get a multitude of Agencies and organisations interested in Theodoric’s problems, but all the replies came back the same, ‘We can’t intrude, and we cannot state if we did, because of ‘privacy issues’, ‘ DC Water also replied using the same words when asked if Mr. James still had running water. The classic ‘get-out-of-trouble-free’ card which was played time and time again with this troubled soul is much the same as in this Country, where action just will not be taken to help an individual, excepting of course when there is the slightest whiff of ‘Child endangerment’, when the heavy mob are wheeled out with no worry whatsoever to the agencies; not bothering about the parents of course, because they don’t count.

Theodoric’s neighbour did his best for his long-time friend, but he was found dead slumped behind his front door when the fire brigade battered the door down. He died from heat exhaustion!

On Wednesday, nine days after Mr.  James was found dead, someone from the city’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs affixed two $500 citations to the plywood board that the city put up to cover his front door.

One was for “Excessive vegetative growth.”

The other: “Excessive trash, debris, and unsecured vacant property. Hazard to human life. “

Anchor bolts, Batten. Corbel out

In this once pleasant Country of ours, we have many laws, many of which are the outcome of fevered debate, some are of the knee-jerk variety, e.g. the Gun laws promulgated after Dunblane, some are of the type which are favoured by the female jackals of the Harriet Harman persuasion, and then there are the Laws which evolve over some centuries of use, abuse and modification. I am writing today of the Planning law, and the repeated attempts by some to remove the protection afforded our countryside by Planning legislation.

We need more housing. we need more houses and homes because the Labour and Coalition Governments will not, and have not acted to stop the rampant abuses of the immigration system we have, so the hundreds of thousands who get in legally, have got to have somewhere to live; in shelter, warmth when needed, and with clean sanitation. We have long gone past the days when it would have been possible to barrier the terminals, ports and ferry points against the floods pouring through our ever-more porous borders. Any of us who lived in hope that we can somehow get rid of the millions of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians, a veritable multitude of assorted Africans and the very occasional Brazilian should just step back and examine the logistics of attempting to enforce a policy of repatriation, and then quietly shut the f*** up! Partly because some of those same migrants are rapidly becoming the most productive of our residential population, and partly because the question must be asked, ‘who gives you the right to choose’?

But I digress from my original thought, which was of course Planning law, and the need to derogate or change the use of land from agricultural to residential. South Somerset Council has asked for comments upon a planning application which builds 3,700 homes right next to the village of East Coker, as a logical expansion of Yeovil, and the residents of East Coker, or at least some of them, along with well-funded associates, are dead set against the planned expansion. Not, nay never, perish the very thought; on the grounds of NIMBY-ism, but because the new estate would ruin the very ideals which made TS Eliot write his famed poetry.

‘Houses live and die: there is a time for building
And a time for living and for generation
And a time for the wind to break the loosened pane
And to shake the wainscot where the field-mouse trots
And to shake the tattered arras woven with a silent motto’

Number One, come in!

I was idly checking the EuroMillions lottery page, and my thought processes are listed as follows:-

  • Ah, there’s one number up, pity I don’t have it listed.
  • Oh, I have one number up.
  • Oh again, I have two numbers up!
  • No, I have two numbers and a Star number, let me check my winnings!
  • NO; I have three numbers and a Star up!
  • (Remembers that the numbers shown are for the Tuesday draw), so NO Ticket!
  • Ah well, better luck next time!

Trust? Not much around Abertawe!

When I was working for Welsh Water, one of my favourite methods of teasing my fellow workers was to speak the obviously-Welsh place names as though they were all English. From Ystrad Mynach through Llanafabon and Penpedairheol to Croespenmaen and Cwmnant, the strangled syllables used to roll off my tongue, and I relished the looks of pained anguish as the lads in my section listened as I abused every place name in that wonderful country. They took it in good stead, and when they also realised that I had absolutely no interest or knowledge of sports, and especially rugby, I was given honorary citizenship; not Wales, obviously; somewhere ‘just over the border’. But I like the Welsh, apart from one or two Chapel-pushers who just did not understand that just because I spoke with a different accent did not mean that I automatically qualified to be ‘saved’, or whatever it was that they were peddling.

So it is imperative that wider knowledge is gained by those who read these pages of the activities of the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board and their use of an injunction to prevent wider knowledge of the practice and problems of  Dr Paul Flynn, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, who had, from 2002 to 2005 performed over 100 operations on cancer patients against national guidelines. The University NHS Trust has spent over £375,000 in attempts to suppress wider knowledge of the good Dr. Flynn’s problems, who has only been prevented from further cancer surgery by advice from six senior surgeons to the Trust directly.

MP John Hemmings stated that even the Welsh Health Minister had indicated that the injunction prevented her from investigating the problems, when repeating the allegations under Parliamentary privilege. It does seem rather strange that if the NHS Trust stated that all the allegations had been examined, and Mr. Flynn had been cleared, why the Injunction? Why indeed?

If the surgeon is either incompetent or ill-educated, the patients and prospective patients should be told, especially if the speciality concerned is female cancers of the reproductive system, for what can be more terrible that being told that your ability to have children is ruined by the actions of someone whose very incompetence is being covered up by his employers? An injunction covering a sex-mad footballer’s antics in the bedrooms?  I couldn’t care less! An injunction to reduce publicity or knowledge of incompetency or irregular behaviour in an operating theatre? Not bloody likely!

Ramsbottom, our Enoch, and me.


So who will state that Enoch was wrong, or that his prophecy has not already  come true?

One of the finest minds, one of the best British gentlemen of the old order, cast out because what he said was  not wrong, but not politic!

I  point you to a very unusual occurrence, which is a BBC documentary which states the facts, and lets you make your mind up.

In the light of this, should we not at least say that, at last, we can now see that Enoch was so very, very, right after all!


Selective looting!

A commentator in the Guardian, a newspaper I normally avoid, as its mix of sopping-wet liberalism conflicts with the tax-advantageous way it shields its profits from the Inland Revenue, says some strange things about the way the modern looters, at least in the last three or four days in London, have behaved.

The only shops which have survived virtually untouched are Waterstones, which says volumes (if you will excuse the pun) about the reading habits and abilities of the black youth today; and the fact that when the looters reached Boots, they pinched a load of Immodium. That last fact provides of a certain knowledge of their bowel systems, and more of a knowledge of the damage done by fast foods. The looters were actually trying outfits on, and rejecting the items which did not suit, or fit! They knew they could act with impunity, because the Police have been castrated by a series of Regulations and laws which has tied both hands, both legs, and done a pretty good job on their mobility as well.

Some other commentators have made excuses for the savagery exhibited by the looters, based upon the environment in which they have to live, of the urine stench in the lifts and stairwells to the ever-present threat of violence, drugs or rape. In answer I would simply point to the truth that, by virtue of the gelding of the forces of Law and Order, the emasculation of the Justice system to the point that law-abiding people do not report the thefts, the assaults, the criminality because of the lax and vapid responses of a Police ‘Service’ which does not even know the basic ideals of service, never mind protection of the ‘Community’.

The response on the streets of London of certain factions gives a clue to what should be the way forward. We see the Turkish, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian shopowners banding together in a statement which plainly tells the Black clowns one thing, ‘Not on our turf; go and peddle your bikes down another street, and see if you can terrorise someone else!’ I am not usually in favour of vigilantes, but times change, and as long as those small businessmen stand by their property and families, lead-loaded rubber hoses or not, they will do all right by my standards. I have written elsewhere about the right to defend yourself and your property, and as the Police seem to have vacated the field, isn’t it about time that we should be able to once again defend our own.

I would end this small polemic by describing the aftermath of a fatal shooting in my immediate neighbourhood back in Johannesburg. An elderly lady had surprised an intruder, as he broke into her flat.  She had shot him three times, and a police firearms expert attended the scene as part of the investigation. The dead black burglar had three wounds in his body, one in his groin, one in his stomach; with the final bullet into his heart. The lady told me afterwards that the  police firearms expert had spent a good five minutes showing her how she been badly taught, and proceeded to show her how to steady her aim so that all the bullets would enter the body area which would ensure that she wasted no ammunition!

…as those who will not see!

  • A man tried to defend his home and himself against robbers who have already broken into his home: he is arrested on a possible charge of manslaughter or murder because he kills one of the robbers.
  • A group of men, all of whom belong to an organisation which states that it is against Muslim immigration, head out to enjoy a pre-wedding party, with the groom who also heads the organisation. The authorities hear that another group, this time composed of muslims, are planning to disrupt and attack the wedding stag party. The people who are arrested, despite all being entirely peaceful and intent on only having a good time? You are correct, it is the ‘right-wing wedding group’!
  • Some four hundred ‘travellers’, together with caravans, occupy a field and, against all the planning laws, dig foundations, install sewage pipes and access roads and pathways; despite constant attempts to have them removed. The  authorities allow then to stay for over five years while attempts to remove them grind ever-so-slowly through the courts. The bailiffs are allegedly being trained in ‘cultural awareness attitudes’ before legal eviction processes can proceed!
  • Foreign-born rapists, killers and terrorists are allowed to live freely in this Country because to remove them might infringe their ‘Human Rights’.
  • A home is broken into, and the owner calls a carpenter to mend the door and make it secure. The police check blood found on the door, find it belongs to the carpenter and arrest him. They later release him after they find that the carpenter cut himself whilst fixing the door.
  • An elderly lady disappears for a day, and as she suffers from a mental illness as well as other complaints, her frantic husband calls the police. She returns home very late at night, safe and well. The police visit next day, and deliver a stern warning to the lady, despite the husband’s advice that the lady in question does not understand the problems she caused. The policeman continues to threaten and harass the elderly lady.
  • Criminals are routinely discharged from court with a derisory ‘Community Sentence’ which is almost always ‘routinely’ ignored.
  • Child molesters and rapists are given sentences which are so short that they are sometimes allowed to walk free because of ‘time already served’ on remand.

The list of problems grows larger, and the simple truth is that the Middle Class in Britain have largely dismissed the police as a force for good, but rather see the police as the custodians of a set of laws which are designed to protect the guilty, harass the innocent and punish the victims. Time and time again, the police and the courts, when faced with actions which are against the ‘multicultural ethic’, sway towards the side of ‘compromise’ with those amongst us who are not of our blood or beliefs. There are very few traffic police-cars around, because their money has been allocated towards the purchase of ever-more expensive speed cameras.

The largely black gangs who are burning, looting and despoiling our Capital City are doing so because they know that if caught, they will receive a symbolic ‘slap on the wrist’ from a set of magistrates and judges who are themselves following strict sentencing guidelines; and who are also aware that the present policy of the Justice Secretary is to keep as many people as possible out of prison. They laugh at the ‘punishments’ which can be given them, and under such circumstances, who can blame them. They are acting as a feral bunch, and when all know that they can act with virtual impunity, they carry on.

The Home Secretary states that she needs to learn what the police need. She doesn’t seem to accept that what is needed is are re-thinks of judicial, sentencing, prison and crime policies and attitudes which have prevailed in this nation for the last thirteen-odd years! Items which also should be reviewed are the raft of legislation which ties the hands of regulatory authorities in those same policies.

The solutions are readily available, but will never be used because of the headlines. The solutions are measured, and are given as much heavier sentences, larger prisons, sparser prison cells,  Betulaceae,  7.62mm, 9mm, and  2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile!

Sympathy? Not likely!

As a species, we are at the same time incredibly intelligent, and colossally stupid. Allow me to explain.



One of the most dangerous animals on this planet is the Polar Bear. Massively strong, with lightning reflexes; capable of speed which most would consider to be outrageous, but because of the inbuilt manner in which the polar bear reacts to stimulus such as the possible presence of food is actually normal for such a large animal. The polar bear is unique in its environment, beautiful to behold from a safe vantage point, but fearsome if at close quarters. It is prized in zoos worldwide, partly because of the truly cuddly cubs produced by the adults, but the keepers are careful not to come between the cub and the mother bear, for example; for that way lies anger, danger, and death. As I stated, the adult bear is feared because it is truly unpredictable; one time walking calmly away from an encounter, the next turning into a roaring cyclone of violence.

So why in the name of all that is holy does  the British Schools Exploring Society arrange ‘exploration and camping trips to Svalbard’ into the very areas where these beautiful, powerful, treacherous and totally wild animals are known to live and breed? Are they all collectively suicidal? And why did the bear have to die? It was just being  a bloody Polar Bear!

We miss you so, so much!

The repetitive use of those particular words, used in one context only, tend to make me heave. There is nothing wrong with remembrance, there is no shame to be attached to recalling the life and memories of a loved one, we are all as one in sadness when a relative or friend dies. The sadness is and should be reduced, as the death of either an acquaintance, or a local hero, happens, mainly because their lives did not impact upon us as individuals. One of the larger funeral services which was held in some years ago in Durham City at the crematorium was not organised, there was no ‘order of service’, there was indeed very little ‘formal’ organisation, apart from the actual operations in the building itself. We all came to honour the service and the friendship, the fact; that a simple unassuming man had touched a great many lives with a simple honesty, a clarity of purpose, and an acceptance that his life was shared amongst many; and we filled the crematorium’s area to a capacity rarely seen.

There was no breast-beating, no wailing, no hysteria, no fuss; for this was an English farewell to an English gentleman in the truest sense of the word. His was a life of commitment, and this was shown by the number of representatives of all callings who came to give and pay their last respects at the funeral of one who would probably have blanched at the sheer numbers who sat and stood in silence. As for my dead friend, whose funeral was quiet and dignified, there were no adverse comments, because he lived his life by the standards which used to rule us all.

Compare that, if you will, against the outpourings of ‘grief’ for the dead druggie Amy Winehouse. We are informed that Winehouse’s father has been comforted by Keith Vaz in his efforts to start a Foundation in memory of his dead daughter, and has also met the Coalition Minister to push for more money to be targeted at ‘Drug rehabilitation’ clinics, so that other addicts can get the treatment which ‘works’. As I have never consciously listened to the songs or indeed the ‘singing of this dead ‘artiste’, I do not feel qualified to comment upon their artistic integrity, but I do feel eminently qualified to comment upon the false and unctuous commentary upon what seemed to me to be the ending of a wasted and wilful life, despite the many warnings she was alleged to have received from both ‘family’ as well as ‘friends’.

Whilst being totally unfamiliar with the family of the dead ‘pop star’, I along with many, many others, are all too familiar with the outpourings of ‘grief’ from the besotted fans and admirers of this cruelly failed young woman. Time after time, when ‘Slebs’ of whatever calling die or kill themselves, we see and hear the knee-jerk reactions of the ‘mourning brigade’ as they work themselves into paroxysms of fervour for the recent passing of what is surely the most ephemeral of heroines or heroes.

It was not too long ago, after the strange and suspicious death of yet another ‘pop hero’ Stephen Gately that a columnist on the Daily Mail had the temerity to question the hedonistic lifestyle of the dead homosexual in question, and the sheer volume of hatred shovelled upon that unfortunate woman’s head could have been weighed by the vitriolic ton. Quite a number of ‘slebs’, mainly from the world of ‘pop music’ have died early, many as a result of heavy drug use and overdose, and every time, you read or hear the same tunes played on the public’s heartstrings; ‘they never stood a chance’, we tried to warn them’, etc. etc. With ‘friends’ like those, who really needs enemies. The quality and calibre of the ‘grief’ after Winehouse’s death can be judged by the pictures of half-empty glasses, presumably empty bottles of Malibu and cigarettes at the shrine outside her home. Did she kill herself by yet another measure of cocaine or heroin which presumably dulled the ‘noise’ in her mind? We shall no doubt be informed at the inquest. I would end by repeating a few words from one of her ‘lyrics’, so as to gain a measure of what the singer actually thought of the ‘advice’ which was seemingly so generously ladled in her direction:-

‘They tried to make me go to rehab but I said ‘no, no, no’

Beachhead, or Blockhead?

We are advised twice by the City of Westminster Counter Terrorist Focus Desk

It states that anarchy is not good. It states that Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy. Any information relating to anarchists should be reported to your local Police.

So the Anarchists are the main threat, or so the ‘Griffin Briefing’ thinks. Fair enough, the images of black-clad figures hurling stones at windows gives pause for thought, but apart from the Gilmour incident, which made a substantial rise in blood pressures throughout the nation, I honestly can’t recall much that the Anarchists have actually done to make the Police so upset. Especially when the largest thing extant upon an anarchy website is an advert for the Seattle Anarchy book fair.

Nothing is said or highlit about, say, Muslim terrorism or Islamic Fundamentalism apart from the usual bullshit about Al Queda, which is rather strange because the Muzzies paint themselves rather high in the blood and gore race, as they intend the Caliphate, and no-one will be allowed to object; you are either bowing down, or you are dead! A big hand is given to Irish terror threats, but there again, if you are a ‘Dissident Republican’, it is understood that you will get a free pass from prison after approximately seventeen days, because it is part ‘of your culture’ and we have to understand that particular manner of expressing your worries, i.e. large semtex bombs in wheelie bins, pipe bombs next to childrens’ playgrounds etc. are but normal for that type of thinking, and it all comes under ‘the right to express yourself’.

So why the Anarchy flag? Could it be that they haven’t got much to write about, and decided that the Anarchy bunch needed some free exposure?

I mentioned that we were warned twice. The Second warning seems to be that the people who actually author the Griffin Report cannot spell correctly, as we are advised that there will be a bad outbreak of Beech Volleyball in August!