Beachhead, or Blockhead?

We are advised twice by the City of Westminster Counter Terrorist Focus Desk

It states that anarchy is not good. It states that Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy. Any information relating to anarchists should be reported to your local Police.

So the Anarchists are the main threat, or so the ‘Griffin Briefing’ thinks. Fair enough, the images of black-clad figures hurling stones at windows gives pause for thought, but apart from the Gilmour incident, which made a substantial rise in blood pressures throughout the nation, I honestly can’t recall much that the Anarchists have actually done to make the Police so upset. Especially when the largest thing extant upon an anarchy website is an advert for the Seattle Anarchy book fair.

Nothing is said or highlit about, say, Muslim terrorism or Islamic Fundamentalism apart from the usual bullshit about Al Queda, which is rather strange because the Muzzies paint themselves rather high in the blood and gore race, as they intend the Caliphate, and no-one will be allowed to object; you are either bowing down, or you are dead! A big hand is given to Irish terror threats, but there again, if you are a ‘Dissident Republican’, it is understood that you will get a free pass from prison after approximately seventeen days, because it is part ‘of your culture’ and we have to understand that particular manner of expressing your worries, i.e. large semtex bombs in wheelie bins, pipe bombs next to childrens’ playgrounds etc. are but normal for that type of thinking, and it all comes under ‘the right to express yourself’.

So why the Anarchy flag? Could it be that they haven’t got much to write about, and decided that the Anarchy bunch needed some free exposure?

I mentioned that we were warned twice. The Second warning seems to be that the people who actually author the Griffin Report cannot spell correctly, as we are advised that there will be a bad outbreak of Beech Volleyball in August!