Sympathy? Not likely!

As a species, we are at the same time incredibly intelligent, and colossally stupid. Allow me to explain.



One of the most dangerous animals on this planet is the Polar Bear. Massively strong, with lightning reflexes; capable of speed which most would consider to be outrageous, but because of the inbuilt manner in which the polar bear reacts to stimulus such as the possible presence of food is actually normal for such a large animal. The polar bear is unique in its environment, beautiful to behold from a safe vantage point, but fearsome if at close quarters. It is prized in zoos worldwide, partly because of the truly cuddly cubs produced by the adults, but the keepers are careful not to come between the cub and the mother bear, for example; for that way lies anger, danger, and death. As I stated, the adult bear is feared because it is truly unpredictable; one time walking calmly away from an encounter, the next turning into a roaring cyclone of violence.

So why in the name of all that is holy does  the British Schools Exploring Society arrange ‘exploration and camping trips to Svalbard’ into the very areas where these beautiful, powerful, treacherous and totally wild animals are known to live and breed? Are they all collectively suicidal? And why did the bear have to die? It was just being  a bloody Polar Bear!