…as those who will not see!

  • A man tried to defend his home and himself against robbers who have already broken into his home: he is arrested on a possible charge of manslaughter or murder because he kills one of the robbers.
  • A group of men, all of whom belong to an organisation which states that it is against Muslim immigration, head out to enjoy a pre-wedding party, with the groom who also heads the organisation. The authorities hear that another group, this time composed of muslims, are planning to disrupt and attack the wedding stag party. The people who are arrested, despite all being entirely peaceful and intent on only having a good time? You are correct, it is the ‘right-wing wedding group’!
  • Some four hundred ‘travellers’, together with caravans, occupy a field and, against all the planning laws, dig foundations, install sewage pipes and access roads and pathways; despite constant attempts to have them removed. The  authorities allow then to stay for over five years while attempts to remove them grind ever-so-slowly through the courts. The bailiffs are allegedly being trained in ‘cultural awareness attitudes’ before legal eviction processes can proceed!
  • Foreign-born rapists, killers and terrorists are allowed to live freely in this Country because to remove them might infringe their ‘Human Rights’.
  • A home is broken into, and the owner calls a carpenter to mend the door and make it secure. The police check blood found on the door, find it belongs to the carpenter and arrest him. They later release him after they find that the carpenter cut himself whilst fixing the door.
  • An elderly lady disappears for a day, and as she suffers from a mental illness as well as other complaints, her frantic husband calls the police. She returns home very late at night, safe and well. The police visit next day, and deliver a stern warning to the lady, despite the husband’s advice that the lady in question does not understand the problems she caused. The policeman continues to threaten and harass the elderly lady.
  • Criminals are routinely discharged from court with a derisory ‘Community Sentence’ which is almost always ‘routinely’ ignored.
  • Child molesters and rapists are given sentences which are so short that they are sometimes allowed to walk free because of ‘time already served’ on remand.

The list of problems grows larger, and the simple truth is that the Middle Class in Britain have largely dismissed the police as a force for good, but rather see the police as the custodians of a set of laws which are designed to protect the guilty, harass the innocent and punish the victims. Time and time again, the police and the courts, when faced with actions which are against the ‘multicultural ethic’, sway towards the side of ‘compromise’ with those amongst us who are not of our blood or beliefs. There are very few traffic police-cars around, because their money has been allocated towards the purchase of ever-more expensive speed cameras.

The largely black gangs who are burning, looting and despoiling our Capital City are doing so because they know that if caught, they will receive a symbolic ‘slap on the wrist’ from a set of magistrates and judges who are themselves following strict sentencing guidelines; and who are also aware that the present policy of the Justice Secretary is to keep as many people as possible out of prison. They laugh at the ‘punishments’ which can be given them, and under such circumstances, who can blame them. They are acting as a feral bunch, and when all know that they can act with virtual impunity, they carry on.

The Home Secretary states that she needs to learn what the police need. She doesn’t seem to accept that what is needed is are re-thinks of judicial, sentencing, prison and crime policies and attitudes which have prevailed in this nation for the last thirteen-odd years! Items which also should be reviewed are the raft of legislation which ties the hands of regulatory authorities in those same policies.

The solutions are readily available, but will never be used because of the headlines. The solutions are measured, and are given as much heavier sentences, larger prisons, sparser prison cells,  Betulaceae,  7.62mm, 9mm, and  2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile!