Ramsbottom, our Enoch, and me.


So who will state that Enoch was wrong, or that his prophecy has not already  come true?

One of the finest minds, one of the best British gentlemen of the old order, cast out because what he said was  not wrong, but not politic!

I  point you to a very unusual occurrence, which is a BBC documentary which states the facts, and lets you make your mind up.

In the light of this, should we not at least say that, at last, we can now see that Enoch was so very, very, right after all!


Selective looting!

A commentator in the Guardian, a newspaper I normally avoid, as its mix of sopping-wet liberalism conflicts with the tax-advantageous way it shields its profits from the Inland Revenue, says some strange things about the way the modern looters, at least in the last three or four days in London, have behaved.

The only shops which have survived virtually untouched are Waterstones, which says volumes (if you will excuse the pun) about the reading habits and abilities of the black youth today; and the fact that when the looters reached Boots, they pinched a load of Immodium. That last fact provides of a certain knowledge of their bowel systems, and more of a knowledge of the damage done by fast foods. The looters were actually trying outfits on, and rejecting the items which did not suit, or fit! They knew they could act with impunity, because the Police have been castrated by a series of Regulations and laws which has tied both hands, both legs, and done a pretty good job on their mobility as well.

Some other commentators have made excuses for the savagery exhibited by the looters, based upon the environment in which they have to live, of the urine stench in the lifts and stairwells to the ever-present threat of violence, drugs or rape. In answer I would simply point to the truth that, by virtue of the gelding of the forces of Law and Order, the emasculation of the Justice system to the point that law-abiding people do not report the thefts, the assaults, the criminality because of the lax and vapid responses of a Police ‘Service’ which does not even know the basic ideals of service, never mind protection of the ‘Community’.

The response on the streets of London of certain factions gives a clue to what should be the way forward. We see the Turkish, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian shopowners banding together in a statement which plainly tells the Black clowns one thing, ‘Not on our turf; go and peddle your bikes down another street, and see if you can terrorise someone else!’ I am not usually in favour of vigilantes, but times change, and as long as those small businessmen stand by their property and families, lead-loaded rubber hoses or not, they will do all right by my standards. I have written elsewhere about the right to defend yourself and your property, and as the Police seem to have vacated the field, isn’t it about time that we should be able to once again defend our own.

I would end this small polemic by describing the aftermath of a fatal shooting in my immediate neighbourhood back in Johannesburg. An elderly lady had surprised an intruder, as he broke into her flat.  She had shot him three times, and a police firearms expert attended the scene as part of the investigation. The dead black burglar had three wounds in his body, one in his groin, one in his stomach; with the final bullet into his heart. The lady told me afterwards that the  police firearms expert had spent a good five minutes showing her how she been badly taught, and proceeded to show her how to steady her aim so that all the bullets would enter the body area which would ensure that she wasted no ammunition!