Trust? Not much around Abertawe!

When I was working for Welsh Water, one of my favourite methods of teasing my fellow workers was to speak the obviously-Welsh place names as though they were all English. From Ystrad Mynach through Llanafabon and Penpedairheol to Croespenmaen and Cwmnant, the strangled syllables used to roll off my tongue, and I relished the looks of pained anguish as the lads in my section listened as I abused every place name in that wonderful country. They took it in good stead, and when they also realised that I had absolutely no interest or knowledge of sports, and especially rugby, I was given honorary citizenship; not Wales, obviously; somewhere ‘just over the border’. But I like the Welsh, apart from one or two Chapel-pushers who just did not understand that just because I spoke with a different accent did not mean that I automatically qualified to be ‘saved’, or whatever it was that they were peddling.

So it is imperative that wider knowledge is gained by those who read these pages of the activities of the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board and their use of an injunction to prevent wider knowledge of the practice and problems of  Dr Paul Flynn, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, who had, from 2002 to 2005 performed over 100 operations on cancer patients against national guidelines. The University NHS Trust has spent over £375,000 in attempts to suppress wider knowledge of the good Dr. Flynn’s problems, who has only been prevented from further cancer surgery by advice from six senior surgeons to the Trust directly.

MP John Hemmings stated that even the Welsh Health Minister had indicated that the injunction prevented her from investigating the problems, when repeating the allegations under Parliamentary privilege. It does seem rather strange that if the NHS Trust stated that all the allegations had been examined, and Mr. Flynn had been cleared, why the Injunction? Why indeed?

If the surgeon is either incompetent or ill-educated, the patients and prospective patients should be told, especially if the speciality concerned is female cancers of the reproductive system, for what can be more terrible that being told that your ability to have children is ruined by the actions of someone whose very incompetence is being covered up by his employers? An injunction covering a sex-mad footballer’s antics in the bedrooms?  I couldn’t care less! An injunction to reduce publicity or knowledge of incompetency or irregular behaviour in an operating theatre? Not bloody likely!

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