Bureaucracy, whether British, European or American, triumphs!

This man worked for almost fifty years in the White House, cataloguing and filing documentation for ten Administrations. Theororic C. James was a loyal, discreet and conscientious worker, and deserved the praise he received from Presidents such as Kennedy and Bush. But something ‘twanged’ inside his mind in his latter years, he became distant, morose, careless in his appearance and habits, and unwelcoming of attention and help.

His best friend, as well as his family, tried to get a multitude of Agencies and organisations interested in Theodoric’s problems, but all the replies came back the same, ‘We can’t intrude, and we cannot state if we did, because of ‘privacy issues’, ‘ DC Water also replied using the same words when asked if Mr. James still had running water. The classic ‘get-out-of-trouble-free’ card which was played time and time again with this troubled soul is much the same as in this Country, where action just will not be taken to help an individual, excepting of course when there is the slightest whiff of ‘Child endangerment’, when the heavy mob are wheeled out with no worry whatsoever to the agencies; not bothering about the parents of course, because they don’t count.

Theodoric’s neighbour did his best for his long-time friend, but he was found dead slumped behind his front door when the fire brigade battered the door down. He died from heat exhaustion!

On Wednesday, nine days after Mr.  James was found dead, someone from the city’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs affixed two $500 citations to the plywood board that the city put up to cover his front door.

One was for “Excessive vegetative growth.”

The other: “Excessive trash, debris, and unsecured vacant property. Hazard to human life. “

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