Wanted, rebellion! Apply within.

I post, without excisions, a speech by an English activist, Frank Ellis. I don’t support all of his conclusions, but I do support the general trend of his thesis, which is that we, as a nation, have been betrayed by both Labour and the Tories with this farrago of ‘multiculturalism’ and it should be reversed forthwith!
The Full Text of a Speech Delivered by Dr Frank Ellis to a Conservative Party Association in North Yorkshire in which he responds, among other things, to the Loss of Direction in the Conservative Party and the Failure of the Prime Minister, David Cameron, MP, to address the root Causes of the Urban Rioting and Rapine in his Address to the House of Commons on 11th August 2011.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Just after the first wave of urban savagery hit parts of London, I was contacted by a member of your Conservative Party Association with the request that I address an audience consisting of Conservative Party members. The individual who contacted me had read some of my earlier material on the themes of multiculturalism and the race problem in England. He told me that my views were very much in line with many of his fellow Conservative Party Association members and he asked me whether I would agree to address the problem and why there was such a huge divide between the parliamentary Conservative Party and the rank and file on questions of race, immigration and black crime.

The fact that this meeting is taking place in a large, beautiful, farm building rather than in the accommodation of your local association bears witness to the fact that the Conservative Party has indeed lost its way; that it has become a party divorced from its rank and file members; a party which colludes in the destruction of the United Kingdom and above all England.  If the Conservative Party led by David Cameron still believed in the primacy of the English nation and stood in awe of the freedoms which we have wrought for ourselves over the centuries, the organiser of this meeting would not have been obliged to ask a farmer for the use of this building. We would have convened in the local party offices or some other official venue.

But we do not live in normal times. So determined is the leadership of the Conservative Party to impose the alien cult of multiculturalism on the indigenous people – that is people like you and me by the way – and to purge the Conservative Party of all dissenters that all opposition is silenced, mocked and demonised. In 2011, any member of the parliamentary Conservative Party who stood up and publicly, loudly, rationally and truthfully attacked the insane levels of immigration, the anti-white cult of multiculturalism and the profound threat to this country posed by the massive shift in non-white population levels would be deselected and abandoned. So Conservative Party Members of Parliament tremble in cowardly silence fearful of losing their jobs. They know as well as I do what is happening and say nothing. They watch even as their Motherland is defiled and abused, treated like a whore. Even worse, some of them believe in the cult. Members of the parliamentary Conservative Party who remain silent in the face of the threat to our country have effectively abandoned their posts in the presence of the enemy. So it falls to others to speak out. I am of the English blood; I am a Norman bastard; I shall speak out.

The great, Russian writer and patriot Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned us that man must not live by the Lie. What is true for a man is true for a nation.  Let me spell out the brutal truth: multiculturalism is slowly and remorselessly destroying England. In fact the tempo of destruction may actually be increasing. Unchecked, mass legal/illegal immigration continues its deadly work, tearing our society apart; Marxists and multiculturalists continue unchallenged to spread their poison in our schools and universities; and non-white demography threatens completely to overwhelm us. Even in the aftermath of the urban rioting and rapine which blighted London and other cities David Cameron cannot bring himself to acknowledge that race and mass non-white immigration are some of the primary aggravating factors, in some ways they are the sole factors in this mayhem.

At every possible opportunity, from start to finish, David Cameron obfuscates, evades and denies the aggravating part played by race in his address to the House of Commons on 11th August 2011. He tells us that the trouble began when the police shot dead a one Mark Duggan. Why should the fact that the police shot dead this person be connected with the violence that followed?  David Cameron tells us that opportunist gangs exploited Duggan’s death; that ‘The police faced lawbreaking on the streets on a scale not seen for decades’: and all because one person is shot dead by the police? And is there any connection between this latest bout of murderous mayhem and previous ones? Is there a common denominator whereof David Cameron remains silent? I detect the obvious lie, the obvious attempt to deceive the public – not the House of Commons, its members know the truth – when David Cameron tells us that there are ‘deeper problems that have led such a hard core of young people to decide to carry out such appalling criminality’. The problems do not have deep causes they have just been buried too deeply for too long and ignored for too long.  Periodically they erupt. This is the latest – and I can assure you not the last – eruption.

Crime, David Cameron insists, has ‘a context’. In this context the problem of race cannot be ignored. David Cameron says that: ‘This is not about poverty, it’s about culture. A culture that glorifies violence, shows disrespect to authority, and says everything about rights and nothing about responsibilities. In too many cases, the parents of these children – if they are still around – don’t care where their children are or who they are with, let along what they are doing’ While this is an accurate portrait of the underclass per se it is especially accurate with regard to the black underclass. Violent street crime in London – shootings and stabbings – is essentially a black problem and we did not need the latest bout of murder and mayhem to tell us that. If David Cameron disputes this then I ask him to provide specific details of the people who ‘earn money through crime, particularly drugs and are bound together by an imposed loyalty to an authoritarian gang leader’ and who ‘blighted life on their estates with gang on gang murders ands unprovoked attacks on innocent bystanders’.

Endless commissions and inquiries are not needed to tell us the causes. The causes are painfully clear. Very large numbers of unemployed and unemployable blacks are the root cause of the riots and the overwhelming cause of violence on the streets of London. They rioted and engaged in rapine for obvious reasons. They want material goods for which they are not prepared to work so rioting is exploited in order to steal these goods. It is irrelevant to say that indigenous whites were also involved. Blacks were massively overrepresented among the, how should I put it, ‘rioting and looting community’. Had such large numbers of blacks not been present, or had the bulk of the rioters and thieves been white, the police would have cracked down much harder and sooner.

The reason the police did not react swiftly and ruthlessly to such large-scale and widespread manifestations of black, ghetto-style savagery was because the perpetrators were black not white. This is the bitter legacy of the poisonous Macpherson Report (1999). The climate of touchie-feelie, so-called ‘culturally-sensitive’ policing merely emboldens the black mob. Behind the black mob stand black councillors and other officials ever ready to scream racism. The inhibiting effects exercised by these accusations or the threat thereof have, again, been clear for some time. The Macpherson Report and everything associated with it are part of the ‘phoney human rights concerns’ that David Cameron clams will not be permitted to get in the way. So I call on David Cameron publicly to denounce the Macpherson Report and its works.

Mass, non-white immigration has been a catastrophe for England and the worst is yet to come. Violence and mayhem are bad enough but the real threat is in the projected increase in the non-indigenous population. This is where democracy works against the indigenous people. David Cameron and most Tories grasp the brute numbers, the cultural upheaval and the implications well enough yet these are problems which none of them can bear to face. A responsible government would initiate the necessary measures, short, medium and long term in order to ameliorate the worst effects of mass, non-white immigration. Immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants and an emphatic declaration that there shall be no amnesty for illegal immigrants (criminals) in any circumstances would be good beginnings. Again, David Cameron and his party show no sign that they are willing to tackle the range of problems. A responsible government and previous governments would of course not have permitted the present situation to have arisen in the first place. But that is where we are.

I will offer you a vision of England if nothing is done to stem the immigrant invasion:

(i). whole areas of England which are still rural will be concreted over in order to house immigrants. Do not assume that Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Park status will prevent this from happening. Cameron already wants to relax planning controls on Green Belts in order to house aliens. Aliens will be housed at the expense of the English countryside. Worse still the burden of paying for this high density housing will fall on the indigenous population. Large housing estates – 3,000 to 5,000 units – specifically intended for non-whites will be built in the countryside. There shall be no right of appeal on any grounds since the requirement to bring “diversity” to the countryside is deemed to be paramount. Farmers and other landowners who refused to sell land targeted for mass building would be served compulsory purchase orders. “Diversity” comes first;

(ii). water meters will be imposed on all properties. Large non-white immigrant families will receive water at a much lower tariff than indigenous whites. There will be similar schemes applied to electricity and gas;

(iii). immigrant numbers will translate into political power. There will be – there already is – a sordid, treacherous scramble for non-white votes by the three main parties. The interests of whites will be sacrificed where there is any electoral advantage to be gained by, say, the Conservative Party;

(iv). overcrowding, noise and pollution will make many of our cities – and not just the large ones – and medium-sized towns unbearable places in which to live and work. Expect even small villages to have “diversity” quotas imposed on them with all that that means;

(v). our large cities and towns will experience a huge increase in crime and violence, mainly from racially specific gangs, but also from non-affiliated immigrants;

(vi). specific policies of affirmative action and equal opportunities legislation modelled on American legislation will be enacted;

(vii). manifestations of any English national identity will continue to be demonised and in some cases criminalised (every other nationalism and tribal identity will be celebrated);

(viii). there will be a government-sponsored campaign to promote mixed-race marriages and households;

(ix). high-concentration Muslim cities in England will be invited to apply for semi-autonomous status. This will be the first step to full regional independence – free of any controls exercised by Westminster – and the eventual creation of the Confederation of Autonomous Muslim States. The Confederation will be recognised by the European Union since similar Muslim Autonomous Regions will by then have been created in France, Germany and Sweden. Expect the Confederation to make a declaration of independence within ten year of its founding. War with England will be inevitable and the European Union will impose a solution, by force if necessary, which is acceptable to the Confederation of Autonomous Muslim States but one which will be at the expense of the white, Christian/post-Christian indigenous population;

(x). in 2015 Magna Carta will be denounced as one of the most evil documents ever written;

(xi). your children will become a persecuted minority in their own country.

I claim the glory of Agincourt, Trafalgar and the Battle of Britain as my birthright and I accept the shame of Dunkirk and Singapore. I will not share my birthright with aliens. England is our land and our land must be ours. Shame and glory make a nation: shame is the punishment for failing to honour the covenant with our past, with what it means to be English; glory is a reminder of what can be achieved when the nation knows itself and her people are unafraid to be themselves, to revel in their national being. Shame and glory, good and evil, light and dark are some of the eternal truths with which we must live. They are the challenges that shape us and mould us. But a nation that denies its history, its language, culture, folkways; that mocks its heroes and heroines will be brought low and made easy meat for those who have no love for England.

I hope you are very worried. You should be. The ways of history are not always straight. Let us hope it is not too late to be delivered from the pestilence that threatens to overwhelm us. If you want to prevent this catastrophe then bestir your conscience and ask yourself why you still vote for a Conservative Party that prostrates itself before aliens; that hates you; that despises you; that taxes you to pay for aliens and the feckless; that sneers at your love of your great history; that wants to trample England and her people into the dust in pursuit of its hideous multiculturalism; that has betrayed you; and that actively works towards the day when England has been devoured by the United States of Europe.

Thank you very much for the invitation and good luck with the harvest.

God bless you all: and God bless England

Frank Ellis

Originally posted by Sarah Maid of Albion

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