Lets have a cull of the Looters!

A recent proposal to cull large sectors of the West of England’s farmlands and countryside of badgers, so as to help eradicate TB in cattle met with the usual response. Wild-eyed animal activists threatening to chain themselves to each and every badger was one of the milder proposals. But middle England, as usual, looked on with less than mild interest, and then turned away to the X-factor, or the X-box, or even re-runs of the X-files; anything rather than become interested about the arguments regarding the spread of a dangerous and deadly infection within the bodies of animals which we, as a nation, get our milk, butter and cheese from, as well as meat for the table.

Statements from the Food Standards Agency seem to indicate that there is a high probability of TB-infected meat getting into the human food chain, as the present tuberculin ‘reactor’ test is grossly inadequate in allowing observable results apart from measuring the size of the ‘reactor’ lesions. The use of gamma-interferon testing is now accepted by DEFRA, but only on ‘prescribed circumstances’, presumably because the DEFRA ‘tuberculin fans’ have not yet been bribed sufficiently to move over to the more exacting ‘gamma-interferon’ testing.

But the ‘cull’ fans seem to be gaining ground, and hopefully we shall see decisive action at long last to rid our countryside of these noisome pests who spread disease so readily to our national cattle herd.

Some might ask why I write about a problem which is strictly the purview of animal husbandry specialists? I am now arriving at my point, which is to suggest that we organise a second cull, but not of ‘Old Brock’ along with all his families; no, I reckon we ought to have a cull with meaning! Why do we not cull all the Heads and officers of the Quangos which leach off the national treasure? Can we add my personal non-favourite, Trevor Philips and all his EHRC mates? Should we not add to the cull by listing all the fat-cats of the County Councils, some of whom ‘earn’ more than twice what is ‘earned’ by our beloved millionaire Prime Minister? Can the bloated M.O.D. crowd be added en-masse to that list, along with 13th Century Fox?Should we not extend the ‘culling’ list to include all those grossly-overpaid Chief-and Senior executives of the Strategic Health Authorities, especially the murdering bastards of the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust who, despite presiding over the deaths of hundreds of patients, walked away with millions?

Now I am not suggesting for one second that we should kill these dregs of our ‘Me-Me-Me Society’, no, I have something a lot more long-lasting in store for my list of the truly idle scum who inhabit all those plush offices, with their carpets and air-conditioning; I reckon about a ten-year stint of farming should do the trick. Farming? Have I gone mad? Nope, because the place where the ever-growing list of  named scum would be shuttled to would be my favourite place in all the world; Gruinard Island.

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