Equal to me? That bunch? No ways!

When I met, courted and finally married my wife, I was following in the footsteps of hundreds of thousands of other couples over the ages since Man became sentient and civilised. Man and woman became husband and wife, we in a church before our God as with many others, others in civil or other religious services; but we all did the same thing, we promised to be a family, hopefully to have, to raise and to nurture children, because we loved each other, and because children are a natural product of love. Whatever else has happened in the intervening forty-three years, our love has given us three children, and now of course three grandchildren, all of whom give me intense pride and joy.

Never mind the chorus of the ‘sexually-liberated’. Ignore, if you will, all the bleatings of those who would decry the very idea of ‘the Family’, that is what it is all about. The basic urge of a woman to have, to create a child with the one she loves is the foundation of civilisation as we know it.

Marriage, as recognised by the State, by all Churches, by the vast, overwhelming majority of people the world over; is a vow between a man and a woman to live together, to have children if possible, and to live, love and grow old together. So whatever is pushed at the Lib-Dem conference, whatever is promulgated by Lynne Featherstone, in the sacred cause of ‘equality’, whatever is dreamed of within the sterile unions of homosexuals, of lesbians, of other strange and convoluted groupings,  they cannot and should not ever have the ‘blessing’ of the term ‘marriage’ placed upon their ‘couplings’. I would repeat the term ‘sterile’ because that was what explained by Charles Darwin. He stated that, in order to survive, all beings  are continually adapting to their natural environment in order to have a better chance of surviving. The weakest and most poorly adapted die off, while the strongest and most improved survive long enough to mate. Their offspring inherit their genes, and thus the species improves from one generation to the next. If you cannot breed successfully, your type withers and dies, it is as straightforward and as complicated as that.

Whatever else can be said, and I could say a great deal, about homosexuals, about lesbians, about the various oh-so-heavily protected types of deviants who cavort in all their ghastly splendour in the various ‘Pride’ marches, the one thing which can be viewed as definite is that without technology, without surrogacy, without any of the legal, illegal or twisted methods used, they cannot conceive a child in a natural fashion. Some amongst us are cursed with the inability to conceive children by natural means, but science has progressed; and now there are many in-vitro fertilisations for married couples who find that they are infertile. But, and it is an enormous ‘But’, the desire to have children in a family environment is what is, and should be, the driving force. So, if there cannot be children by any means, there cannot be Marriage either!