So study this!

We live in a land where our own Language evolved from its distant forebears. We acknowledge the extent to which English has taken from the Latin language, as well as ancient French, Norse, a touch of Gaelic, most European languages in its evolvement into the foremost language of business, culture, commerce and the arts all over the civilised world.

From our fields and cities have come the immortal words of Chaucer, Tennyson, Burns and Shakespeare (which can also be pronounced as De Vere). The printed word, of books, poetry, of song, of chant, had their first exposure in Mediaeval English, and when we look at the first known example of song lyrics in print, we read of ‘Summer is a-cummin-in’!

The list of English language authors has never been compiled, because it would be never ending. so great are the numbers of authors and books.

Our Universities rightly place the study of all kinds of English as a primary pillar, but do we really need a course in Harry Potter?

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