Its only words……

The Prime Minister’s speech at the North Korean Tory Party conference

What he said……. In Afghanistan today, there are men and women fighting for Britain as bravely as any in our history. They come from across our country: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. They now have the equipment they need. And we’re on target to bring them home by the end of 2014. Theirs has been a campaign of incredible courage and sacrifice, and I know everyone in this hall will want to send a message to everyone who serves and who have served. We’re proud of you. We salute you. Thank you.

What he meant……Your P45 and Redundancy notices are in the post room. We won’t mention that useless Labour bunch when it comes to equipment, because our Defence bunch is just as useless!

What he said….. A few months ago I was in Nigeria, on a trade mission. While I was there, I visited a vaccination clinic. It was very hot, pretty basic and the lights kept going off. But to the rows of women, cuddling their babies, this place was a godsend. One of the nurses told me that if it wasn’t for British aid, many of those beautiful babies would be dead.

What he meant……Because the Nigerian government, despite being oil-rich and hugely wealthy, is so corrupt and useless; we are giving lots of your cash to do the vaccination programme, so shut up about the Overseas Aid, Already!

What he said………..  But when it came to that decision to help the Libyan people, there was something dispiriting about the debate here at home. It wasn’t that some people thought we shouldn’t do what we did – of course it’s everyone’s right to disagree.

What he meant……The slow but certain drift into yet another Islamic-, Muslim Brotherhood-, and Sharia-Law-dominated Arabic hellhole is just to be expected, but, what the hell, I ain’t living there!

What he said…….  The only way out of a debt crisis is to deal with your debts. That’s why households are paying down their credit card and store card bills. It means banks getting their books in order.

What he meant….  Our own example of being  a young couple, having not a penny more than £30 million to our name, managing to pay off a large chunk of mortgage shows how true grit and determination can get us through a recession. We only received, between 2002 and 2007, from the taxpayer to defray our housing expenses, a modest £102,874. Someone, anyone, should tell me what a credit card actually is, as being a millionaire, I have never actually held one. As well as my own wealth, I am blessed by being married to an extremely wealthy woman in her own right, with a family fortune enlarged by the fortunate fact that her father is involved in the extremely lucrative but totally futile wind-farms lunacies which are a direct result of the stupid, crazy and utterly indefensible policies of Global Warming and Climate Change adopted by the last Labour government, and enthusiastically endorsed by the sandal-wearers of our Lib-Dem colleagues!

What he said on Europe……..Nothing at all!