Tickets please? All change!

We are told by ‘a senior Government source’ that  MPs will for the first time be asked to back an explicit statement that offenders’ human rights should not outweigh the interests of society and law-abiding citizens.  This is to supposedly stem the ‘outrage’ in Parliament that offenders routinely use their ‘Human rights’ to escape deportation. We are also told that Ministers are preparing to back a ‘strongly-worded’ statement to the Judges who give these criminals the right to stay in Britain, that they should ‘take notice’ of the public anger and annoyance over criminals’ rights being given sway over the right of Britain to deport those it wishes to.

Now just let us ponder on those few sentences.

  • Strange, is it not, that the name of the ‘source’ is not revealed. If I wish to say something, I put it forth under my own name. It is a symptom of weak and vacillating government to place projects or plans on an anonymous basis to check how they might be accepted or otherwise by a gullible public!
  • It is a fact, a truth; that laws are passed in our Parliaments, but reviewed, interpreted and sometimes even modified by the Judiciary. If the Ministers and Parliamentarians have a problem with the decisions of the Judiciary, whether it be on matters of criminal justice or matters esoteric, such as the sacred area of ‘Rights’ legislation, they have only themselves to blame. For the Judges are only doing their jobs, much as it pains me to say. They are interpreting the Law which has been handed to Her Majesty for her signature and approval. Those same laws which have passed through both Houses of Parliament, through committee after committee, and remembering all the while that a vast number of M.P.s are also lawyers!
  • So why the outbursts? Why the feigned anger against the Judiciary, who, as I repeat, are only judging within the Law? Well, folks, it is simply because of one word, one organisation, one club whose employees have written Laws which cannot be picked apart, cannot be reviewed; cannot even be re-negotiated. And that one word, organisation? EUROPE!
  • Parliament, along with the blustering Cabinet Ministers who fulminate, and gesticulate, cannot do anything about areas of our life which have been passed to Europe because we would have to get all 27 Union members to agree to a change, and do you honestly believe that we, as the ‘Odd Man Out’ of Europe; we as the ‘outsider’ who wanted into the Club, and then decided that we did not like the Club rules, wanted to change them to suit us, would even get a hearing?
  • We have only two options over the whole farrago of Human Rights legislation as it has been imported from Brussels. We can either pipe down, keep going as we are, with no further ‘noises off’; or we can get out! We would not be allowed, as some fevered minds within the Tory Party state, to re-negotiate our Membership, to repatriate certain areas of European Legislation. we cannot do it, because the Europeans would not allow it
  • So which path do we go down? Shall we stay forever like a sulking teenager, leaning against a lamp-post, shouting the odds with his parents who are sitting cosy and warm in their home? Or shall we strike out on our own again, and see what is before us on our own, with only our native wit and intelligence to guide us?

I know which path I would choose; do you?

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