Life, in these exciting, or alternatively troubled times, is all about priorities.

To be warm, or to eat well. For many of us on these Isles this is a choice. With prices rising for heating as well as for basic foodstuffs,, many on small incomes, battered beyond belief by inflation and price-gouging, it all comes down to choices, to alternatives.

Bur enough of reality; my question this morning is quite simple, do you agree with the priority choices of the Daily Mail when they lead, at least in the online edition, with the news of the Greek Referendum vying for lead space with pictures and an article about whether some young woman with a very strange name and lifestyle is getting a divorce after 72 days of marriage; and right down at the base of the page come pictures of the homecoming march of elements of  3 Commando Brigade, nineteen of whose personnel returned earlier, not of course because the weather was cold!

Shock; Horror!

A European politician threw the entire brigade of European politicians into turmoil last night by deciding to do what every other politician from that same Europe has failed to do; which is to ask the people who voted for his Party if they agreed with the policies of austerity and loss of sovereignty introduced by his Government. Our own bunch, Clegg, Milliband, Cameron, liars and thieves all, declare in ringing tones that they would ‘ask the people’. But when they have an opportunity to actually ‘ask’, the sounds of heels as they thudded on the boards taking them away overcame all other noises!

So here is a toast to Mr. George Papandreou, possibly a mediocre politician, possibly an adroit and careful survivor in the seas of deceit and corruption swirling around Greek and European politics.

Or should it be a toast to the ‘Only Honest Man in European Politics’?