Now you see it….

I have often thought that our rulers live on a different planet, but now there is proof that they exist in a different Universe. As any sci-fi enthusiast will tell you, the probabilities of a multitude of different Universes, where the lives of everyone are changed by seemingly subtle actions or policies, are quite high. For example, a Universe where David Cameron is viewed as a old-style Tory politician is possible, but not very likely. Similarly, a Universe where we, the British People, are asked on a very regular basis for our views on how we are governed might well exist, but that Universe’s chances of existing are deemed to be very low indeed.

And then we have the Universe inhabited by the likes of the crowd which is organising the London Festival, in and around the London Olympics, where the Second World War never happened, where all the aims of the ‘Lefties’ and the ‘Luvvies’ have been fulfilled without any of that nasty blood spoiling the nice posters advertising that same Festival!