These simple things remind me of you


Item….A stainless steel double-edged kitchen knife

Item….A set of stainless steel serving dishes, together with a matching set of stainless steel tongs and salad servers

Item…A sadly-depleted (through time’s wear and tear) Japanese porcelain tea set.

Item….A matched set of oak-handled steel carving knives and fork made in the Samurai tradition.

The above list represents the total of things physical which date from our wedding some 44 years ago, but it does not cover one speck of the time we have spent as a couple, not of the milestones of that marriage, nor of the vows spoken during that simple ceremony all those years ago.

That glorious colour has faded from your hair, but those lips and eyes can still produce that slightly sardonic smile which fascinated me then, and still does today.

The steel of those long-held gifts reminds me of the bond between us, which has lasted through three children and three grandchildren, through the health and the sickness we spoke of when we stood together at that altar.

This morning I watched as the physiotherapist helped you move, with the aid of a walking frame and myself helping your balance, a few feet alongside your bed; the furthest you have moved in over six weeks.

Hopefully, we will see the light at the tunnel’s end together, as I know that there is a bloke with a box of matches nearby; and equally hopefully that time will encompass a few years yet!

One thought on “These simple things remind me of you

  1. Wonderful post Mike, your love and devotion shines through and is to be admired & aspired to. Best wishes to you both.

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