The trouble with surveys is…….

A national survey and study by the Government Accountability Office had indicated that many Americans who do not seek, or who reject, the new $1 coin for use in commerce would actively seek the coin if an attractive, educational rotating design were to be struck on the coin.

Many people cannot name all of the Presidents, and fewer can name the spouses, nor can many people accurately place each President in the proper time period of American history.

So America passes a Law to stamp and produce $1 coins, with printing stamped on the side, all to commemorate all the Presidents of the United States, because it was felt it would be a ‘good thing’ for American historical knowledge as well vending machine users.

So as a result of something which was done as ‘a really good idea’, America has now got to store and protect a pile of1,400,000,000 (1.4 billion) dollar coins, costing some $300 million to produce, which will take, according to conservative estimates, some ten years to pass into general use and circulation.

I bet Sacagawea feels really happy about this amount of ‘remembrance’