No contest!

The ‘Iron Lady’ which I know to be the real thing, is and was the most polarising influence in the second half of the Twentieth Century’s history of Great Britain. She was that rare thing, a conviction politician who saw the way forward from decades of misrule, from a pervasive political attitude which stated that ‘compromise’ was to be the finest achievement of a politician; which accepted that Great Britain was ‘second-class’, and even that status was over-rated!

The ‘Iron Lady’ who caught the imagination of voters who were at least capable of ‘thought’, who stated that the Conservative Party would revive and invigorate both the Nation and the economy; came to power in 1979, and, as politicians who make promises do; forged a path towards her dreams of a Britain free from the stultifying embrace of governmental control, of a Britain who spoke for and on behalf of those who were threatened, of a Britain which was willing to work with a voracious Europe; but on her terms and none other.

The ‘Iron Lady’ forged a bond with President Reagan, and with others watched as the skeleton of Communism collapsed from within. She was informed of the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands, and demanded of the British military only one thing, “when do we sail to regain British Territory?” Her attitude to Union power was best encapsulated in her statement ‘“We had to fight the enemy without in the Falklands. We always have to be aware of the enemy within, which is much more difficult to fight and more dangerous to liberty.” Her policies made Great Britain formidable once more, and it was good to announce to any enquirer that one’s nationality was simply ‘British’ because that said everything!

The ‘Iron Lady’ is showing a bit of ‘rust’ in reality, as that gallant Lady, now some eighty-five years of age, is showing more than a little of the ‘wear and tear’ that time brings to us all. I watched this bad and false facsimile, masquerading under the Thatcher trademark, as it makes an attempt at showing the alleged mental decline of a confused and befuddled old woman in the very sunset of her years. Meryl Streep gives a sterling performance, aided by startling prosthetics and make-up, but as to the Lady herself; it is simply ‘No competition!’