Legal, honest & truthful?

As a Sky user and viewer of tv programmes, and also as a man of mature years with a fair intellect, I believe that I have acquired a certain immunity against the avalanche of blandishments to buy this, spread that, or try the other, as shown in the vast majority of tv adverts. I don’t need things which dye my hair, or those things which promise to make me more alluring to the opposite sex, or indeed most of the items which routinely batter the viewing population with their slanted messages. Being honest, as I always am when writing, I have organised my viewing evening so that I view most of the selection from recordings, so that I can fast-forward through the adverts without suffering the annoyance of the interminable assaults upon my hearing and my eyes. As such, I take very little notice of adverts which do cross my mental threshold, with the exception of possibly a minute number of extremely well-made and targeted productions which do grab my attention for the reason that they do their job rather well. I am not saying that I endorse their message, it is that I tend to admire professionalism in all areas of endeavour.

But there are adverts which grab my attention for another reason altogether; that reason being that they are false, they present a false picture about the product or the people they depict. In other, perhaps more blunt terms; they lie!

Watched the HSBC banking advert which features a Chinese family celebrating the New Year, or whatever? There are six children lined up to receive the blessings and presents from, presumably, their grandfather. But this family is unlike any family I know of in modern China. The same China which has, until perhaps last year, rigorously enforced the ‘Single Child Edict’ by forced abortions, imprisonment and even internal exile for daring to go against the ‘Will of the People’. That ‘Will’ of course, thought up and enforced by a bunch of criminal geriatric despots who routinely abuse the power they seized decades ago with the beginning of the rule of the paeadophilic Mao-tse-Tung and his henchmen.

Bank with HSBC? By all means, as long as you are happy with them playing fast and loose with the truth. As I have perhaps stated many times in the past, you, and you alone, decide where your cash ultimately goes,and whom it supports!