An ‘enterprise’ zone.

If you listened to today’s T0day Programme on the BBC, you would have heard a rare occurrence. You would have listened to an angry mother defending a Law which sent all the killers of her son to a justly-deserved prison sentence. You would have heard how  Lorraine Fraser, whose son Tyrone Clarke was stabbed to death in 2004, describe how current ‘joint enterprise law’ was used in her sons case. I stipulate the term ‘angry’ because moves are afoot to modify or even to diminish the outlines of this very old piece of Legislation.

As we also heard, earlier in the programme, Gloria Morrison of Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association (JENGbA) , another of these pressure groups with not-so-catchy acronyms for their names, was arguing that the trawl of gang members carried out after a death was unjust, illiberal and probably fattening as well. She seemed to want either a repeal of the Law itself, or if that did not occur, a definite diminution of its effects on gang-related crime and murder.

As for the arguments, let me state that I am a sucker for any Law which puts all those who even cheered the killers on inside prison; my only dissent is the ridiculously small amount of time spent in prison by these wanna-be baddies! Lorraine gets my vote any day of the week!

We don’t need more prisons, we just need a large open space surrounded by multi-layered anti-personnel mines and a fence to keep the illiterate from trying to break in!