No Fairy Story this, Hans Christian!

One of the better things which right-wing commentators look forward to is the occasional news item which demonstrates that the liberal, metrosexual, ‘rights for everyone except normality’, touchy-feely brigade don’t get their way all the time.

So it is with some enthusiasm that I draw your attention to the name and actions of Dr. Hans-Christian Raabe. A more unlikely Don Quixote than this man one could not imagine or create. A German national, he has lived and worked in Manchester as a G.P. because he likes working for the NHS, and because he sees the problems caused by drugs in and around Manchester, he has long campaigned with a charity which helps drug addiction.

But he did something really stupid recently. He volunteered for an unpaid position on the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). So the trawl began to unearth something, anything, which his opponents could use against his appointment. Why does this mild-mannered man have opponents? Because he campaigns against the legalisation of drugs of any kind; because he speaks out in the face of the liberal elite which is marching to a very different drum-roll!

From the maelstrom of accusations and insults whipped up when he was appointed to the council in January last year, another grievance against him emerged. His opponents exhumed an academic report he co‑authored in 2005, while he was living in Canada, linking homosexuality to paedophilia.

The report, a collaboration between several doctors, was written when the Canadian Parliament was debating whether or not to legalise same-sex marriage, to which Dr Raabe — while  he is not against civil partnerships —  is opposed.

‘The paper summarised scientific evidence, which was in the public domain, and it was one paragraph, mentioning homosexuality and paedophilia together, which — so the Home Office tells me — caused them “embarrassment”,’ says Dr Raabe.

The offending paragraph states: ‘While the majority of homosexuals are not involved in paedophilia, it is of grave concern that there are a disproportionately greater number of homosexuals among paedophiles.’

So now he has two strikes against him; the first is that he speaks out against drug use and legalisation, and now the larger crime seemingly against everything held so dear by the liberal self-appointed elite amongst us, which is to state that he is of the belief that homesexuality finds much in common with paedophilia.

So Hans-Christian was dismissed from his post with the ACMD before he had been able to attend a single meeting. And then he decided to sue!

For Dr Raabe, there is a moral imperative at stake.

‘There has been such enormous resistance to my sitting on the ACMD panel that I feel it is a matter of principle to challenge it,’ he says.

‘Besides, I see so many people, especially the young, whose lives are being messed up by drugs, I feel that to sit back and do nothing about it would simply be wrong.’


He might not win his post back; if he does he will be vilified from pillar to post, he certainly will lose his anonymity, but I do so wish him the best of luck!

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