ain’t progress wonderful?

I used to own a book; one amongst many. I am the sort of person who can dip into a treasured or well-remembered book for the sheer satisfaction of remembering old lines and plots. But I digress; I used to own a book, couldn’t remember the title, but could not locate it. Something which is not that unusual in my home. So I thought about it, remembering the outline of the plot, the basic features of the book.

Then I went onto Google, and typed in “fiction novel, hurricane, carribean, revolution, weather man, american air base” ; hit ‘enter’ and the fifth result came up as I scrolled down and found ‘Wyatts Hurricane by Desmond Bagley’!

Went on to Abe’s Books, found and ordered a good copy, and I hope to have it in my hands in two days time.

As I said; ain’t progress wonderful?

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