All together now…


A new specimen of the world-famous ‘I don’t want news to get out about XXXXXX (fill in X-space yourself) reverse-advertising Injunction has emerged.

Caroline Spelman (she’s the expenses-grubbing thieving slag in the Cabinet) has managed to get an Injunction placed on a story concerning her son Jonny from appearing in the tabloid press.

If she and her husband had taken advice, they would have let the story run, and it would have been over in the time it takes to wrap tomorrows chips in the newspaper.

But of course she didn’t!

So we are running a small contest to find out if anyone would venture into giving us the headline which will undoubtedly appear when the story eventually breaks.

My own headline would say something along the lines of ‘Politician’s rugby-playing son in world’s first male pregnancy’


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