How’s about a little Insurrection?

We are, as a nation, not a patch upon our forefathers. Time was, if enough of us didn’t really like something, we got our halberds out, polished up our broadswords, and had a little revolution! ¬†Oliver Cromwell was just the speaker for a much broader force, and if he had done his job correctly, some think we would not be in the state we are today.The modern equivalent is writing on a blogsite such as this, or one of the better-known blogsites such as Richard North’s little effort.

I am not to be accused of fomenting rebellion, I reckon the Queen is both a fantastic person and a great Queen, but, and it is a big ‘but’, just look at the people who allegedly run this country on Her behalf. Left, so-called right, middle of the road; to my mind they are indistinguishable. They put themselves in positions of power, they appoint their mates to all the juicy positions, and there is fuck-all we do about it!

For a start, let us organise the biggest rolling protest this country has ever seen; on the streets of London; all around the roads which have been carefully prepared for the use of the fat-cats and their friends who have been greased by the Olympic Delivery Authority! Lets get everyone out on their bikes, and really screw up all the BMW’s which expect to cruise past all the proles; lets stop the traffic, and really piss them off!