The Law is indeed, sometimes, an ass in itself!

I see that the ‘Super-duper’ injunction guys have targeted, or rather attempted to target, Parliament once more. One would have thought that after the ‘Ryan Giggs’ débacle , as well as all the other well-publicised failures of a legal system which hasn’t yet cottoned on to the fact that we now live in an age of firstly, instantaneous knowledge the technology and secondly, a culture of irreverence of power.

Trafigura found out that they couldn’t shut Parliament up, and now it looks like the turn of one of the two divorced wives of the Sultan of Brunei to find out that she can’t do it either.

Seems as though this Mark Burby character, who seemingly has his very own super-injunctions placed upon him at the behest of a woman who is alleged to be the ‘richest woman in the world’ has submitted oral and written evidence to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Privacy and Injunctions; the wording of which wouild seem to preclude him from mentioning that he is alive, never mind engaged in legal tangles with both the Sultan’s ex-wife as well as her solicitor.

The questions raised must be delimited as to be listed as following:

  • Has British Law been subverted by the actions of an extremely wealthy foreign woman?
  • Has Parliamentary Privilege itself been threatened in any way whatsoever by the actions of this vastly-wealthy Muslim woman and her extremely-energetic solicitors.
  • Was the Sultan of Brunei the supplier of cash to an Al Quaeda leader?
  • Should we be allowing these petty despots and their well-paid lawyers any access to British Law at all, or access only to the toilets?

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