In order of no particular importance, we, in this country have to worry about:-

  • The Economy
  • The huge National deficit
  • The fact that we do not really have a Parliament which rules our lives, as more and more is covered by Brussels & the E.U.
  • The Economy
  • The war in Afghanistan, costing us irreplaceable members of the Armed Forces, as well as large amounts of cash we do not have.
  • The fact that our so-called Government is enforcing just about all the crazy Legislation thought up by the ‘Labour retards’, such as ‘equality’, thought crimes, Climate change and all the rest of the garbage from the last thirteen years.
  • We cannot deport any terrorist from our shores because he might be ‘treated badly’ elsewhere.
  • Our shores are flooded with more and ever more migrants both legal and illegal, and we don’t do anything about it

And despite all of these really serious problems, what does one find on the front pages and web-pages of our largest daily newspaper?

The fact that the Prime Minister may have ridden some old ex-police horse which had been loaned to a senior executive of the now defunct News of the World!