All together now, para 3, or Spelman’s mummy’s revenge

I recently posted upon the absurd decision of Cabinet Minister Caroline Sspelman to try for an injunction to “protect sensitive and personal’ information about her little kiddy Jonny, the now ex-England junior rugby player.

At the time, I like most of us, thought it was because of a posting he had made about two girls on on a poster.

But the real clue was in his e-mail to some American outfit asking for handouts of ‘supplements’

But now we can state that Jonny’s SENSITIVE AND DEEPLY PERSONAL INFORMATION’  so desperate was his Mummy to keep from the public gaze was in fact that the lying turd was on Steroids.

I hope she enjoys paying the lawyers legal bills!

Legal quote:-

“He was not trying to cheat. He was just very scared and worried about his injury and made a very silly decision which unfortunately teenage boys sometimes do.”