the sighs from the prison walls grow louder

Bernie Ecclestone seems to be proud of his modest upbringings, and equally proud of the organisation he has nurtured from being a small sport for motor-mad oiks, wealthy clowns with money to burn and a few motor manufacturers who were intent on a bit of cheap publicity; to the vast money machine Formula One is today.

He also seems to be a bit defensive of the fact that, for purely tax and business purposes, he shovelled more than £2.6 billion into his wife’s named trust fund, and then watched as she walked away after the divorce with all the proceeds.

But that is just business, and it is a very good business to be in, with Countries falling over themselves to host the Formula One race on their soil, even if the number of race fans scarcely number over one hundred. It is the exposure given a City or a Nation is the draw, and when Bahrain signed up for their slot in the sun with Bernie, everything in his small world was good!

But I wonder how Bernie, along with all his investors and global car companies, is coping with the fact that they are scheduled to go back to Bahrain in April; back to the racetrack which may well seem to be spattered with blood, and not from crashing cars either!

The Bahrain Government think they have slapped a lid on the uprising, with the protesters either in jail or dead, but I have a shrewd suspicion that, despite the 10,000 Pakistanis drafted in to the Security Force, and despite the huge Saudi armed presence, that pesky Arab Spring might, just might, start sounding off about the dead and the suffering from just last year!

Good luck with Bahrain; Bernie!

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