Is it becoz I is a Nigga?

How do we view ourselves?

A broad question, but a valid one.

Do we see ourselves as British, English, Welsh, Scots, Northern Irish?

Do we see ourselves as White, or Black, or indeed Brown; or do we still think of Miss Starkey?

Whichever the answer is, I doubt very much is we ever would contemplate speaking of ourselves as ‘People of No Appearance’, or ‘Asians’.

But the origin of my query gives the answer to much of what ails this nation.

This middle-class woman was exposed to the brutal realities of life in this wonderful ‘MultiCutural’ world which Liberal Lefties such as she have constructed, in a vain attempt to encompass or understand a culture of violence, of greed and of irresponsibility which has been brought on by their own weak-kneed policies.

As she writes in her article, ‘As a journalist, I’d devoted years to infiltrating London’s violent teenage gangs, and filmed two TV documentaries on the subject. Slowly gaining their confidence, I got close to several of the hardest gang members, entering drug dealer-controlled ‘no-go’ zones where even the police wouldn’t venture. I’d wanted to understand what triggered their anti-social behaviour and to help them articulate their feelings without resorting to violence.

The very newspapers which report on these activities are themselves perpetuating the myth that we are ‘MultiCulti’. The woman who writes of her fear and distress cannot even bring herself to state if her childrens’  persecutors were indeed white, or more likely black, or indeed khaki! Why? Because she is so afraid that she would herself be accused of ‘Racism’ in her writing, and we can’t have that now, can we?

As a final comment upon the thinking of this deluded woman and her precious family, she writes “ We’ve now decided to move out to the countryside, albeit close enough to the city so that the boys can still go to the same excellent schools. But thousands of other families don’t have that choice. I just hope the police crackdown will enable them to finally sleep soundly in their beds.

What police crackdown would that be, Madam?