Syria….the answer

It is strange to poke fun and laugh when such terrible deeds are going unpunished in Syria, but that is human nature, at least my version of it is.

When we see the smoke from the explosions, as the tank missiles and mortar shells rain down upon a largely-defenceless Syrian population, is it right to smile? Of course not; but when we see the ‘diplomats’ such as ‘Lady Amos’, and the really silly figure of Kofi Annan, who is himself in the lead for the title of the most irrelevant person in the world, strutting across the pock-marked Syrian landscape, what are we to do?

What indeed, when we know that the only thing; the only thing which would stop Bashar Al-Assad in his deadly route is massive air power, striking against every part of his military, bombing the radar defences and taking out the missiles; blasting the massed ranks of the T-72 and T-55 Russian tanks as well as the arms dumps, fuel supply farms and defence logistical areas, and thus giving hope to the miserable millions who cower beneath his implacable gaze.

We know that that is the real answer, but we also know that there is no stomach for any such operation, and the West hides behind the bland smiles of the Russians at the UN, as they oblige that same snivelling West by vetoing any UN Resolution which even mentions anything after the weather in Syria!

So why don’t we play the one trump card which we know worked last time? Why not leak that the Secret Service, along with Defence Military Intelligence, has discovered that there are real Weapons of Mass Destruction hidden inside Syria, capable of being launched in only forty-seven minutes? Get the Bronzed Wealthy One to endorse the leak, especially when he puts on his ‘Man of the People’ voice, and we’ll have Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama lining up the missiles, warships, aircraft, heavy bombers and radar-attack planes before you can shout ‘Cherie Blair is a Tosser’!